How to instill in children a love of reading

lack of interest in reading is usually due to education: early childhood baby little attention, he simply did not have a chance to fall in love with the book, which he did not show.Parents should always be a role model for this they need to read, often spending time with children and remember to instill a love of books is necessary from childhood.

from birth to three years

Guidelines for communication with the baby, still being in the womb, has long proved its effectiveness.He distinguishes between voice and tone parents and reacts to them.Read aloud can start 7-8 months pregnant and, of course, continue to tell stories at night after the child's birth.

As long as your baby is too small, buy books with three-dimensional image, take him up and read the simple and all your favorite childhood stories: for example, about Bun, fox or gray wolf.Be sure to show who is who in these images, feel the actor and portray the characters, even with the help of tone that the child was fun to listen to you, even i

f it does not yet understand the meaning of what you have said.Kids from year to year and a half, you can already involve the "reading": ask to repeat any sounds or show the image of a particular character.

Let the child plays freely with books and paints them, buy special books for children, which will be scary no manipulation.

Three years and older

have children from three years old already emerging favorite poems and stories, they again and again will ask you to tell.Let it be best children's works Chukovsky, Marshak, Barto, Harms than books about Smeshariki.

This is already quite conscious age, the main thing is not to alienate the child, replacing chat watching TV.It is desirable to include cartoons no more than once a day for half an hour, spend more time with the baby, playing with it or reading it.For three years old may be more difficult to pick up books, the plot for 3-5 pages, consulting with the child, asking him to read.

Before how to teach a child to read, surround it with letters and words.It can be cubes, plastic or cardboard letters magnets.Play with your child, making letters words often read aloud a simple-to-understand labels, signs.Love of reading is closely connected with the love of parents, that kind of family closeness that occurs when a joint reading.

We form a love of reading.General rules

  1. Reading should cause pleasure.You can not force your child to read or listen to him uninteresting story.Such methods cause the baby aversion to books, he will perceive reading as a punishment, and further such an attitude would be difficult to fix.
  2. Diversify communication with your child, be it a friend, not a strict teacher.Let there be as many games, walks and joint cheerful evenings.Happy, happy child will soon meet you and pick up the idea from reading by roles than spoiled or feeling of constant frustration in dealing with you.
  3. Diversify reading.Do not force your child to read a lot, if it is just learning to compose the letters into words.Read on line on roles, together learn poem or make sketches of his favorite tales.Most include a child or auditions Soviet cartoons of his famous tales.
  4. sure to discuss the reading.It contributes to the development of thinking and speech.The child learns to express their thoughts, fills up your vocabulary.In addition, it is important that he's got his own opinion.With the discussion of books read his taste formed - a preference that will also be developed.
  5. Spend more time reading, but know the measure.Be sure to read the baby , carved out for it at least 20 minutes.Your example - this is the best way to interest a child who will want to imitate adults.
  6. Explain to your child why you need the book and how to handle them.If he asks him to buy their own books rather it fulfills this desire.Miraculously, when the book - the best gift from childhood.
  7. Cut while watching TV and video on the Internet to a minimum.Do not forget, after you set an example for your child.He will repeat for you, so do not sit Vkontakte and read a book and use the computer and the TV is mainly for educational purposes, filtering material that you see.

Finally, always keep the child in his passion for literature, he reads novels, or second-rate classical works.In any case, its interests will be developed, and well, if the book becomes his friend.

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