How to strengthen the child's immune system

child's immune system begins to form even in utero.Therefore, the expectant mother is so important to prepare for a pregnancy and a healthy lifestyle.Even before conception, parents should try to give up bad habits, to adjust sleep and food to cook healthy foods, as well as check for a variety of infections that can adversely affect the health of the unborn baby (cytomegalovirus, rubella, herpes, etc.).In order to be absolutely sure that both of you are ready to conceive, contact a family planning center where you will prompt what to do.If you have the opportunity to move out of town and spend more time outdoors - use it.The sun, air and water are the main factors that positively influence the immune system of the child and parents.Be prepared for the fact that the child can inherit not only your appearance, but your illness, such as a tendency to allergies.

During pregnancy, but a healthy lifestyle, the expectant mother is important to get as much positive emotions, it is well known that stress signif

icantly reduce the protective functions of the body.Take care of yourself from various infections, be careful not to supercool.In the last three months of pregnancy through the placenta to the baby is actively enter the maternal antibodies that protect it at birth.Ideally, this process should continue due to breastfeeding.Prepare for breastfeeding: read the relevant literature, talk to experienced moms and ask how to avoid common mistakes (feeding on the clock, with a mixture of supplemental foods in the hospital, unwarranted use of bottles and pacifiers).

newborn baby is completely sterile, but from the first minutes of his body begin to fill a wide variety of microbes entering the mucous membrane of the nose, mouth and throat into the stomach, the entire surface of the skin and gastrointestinal tract.That is why it is so important that immediately after the child's birth mother put on her stomach and attached to his chest.The first baby food - a few drops of colostrum clear that this is a healing elixir containing a substance required to maintain and strengthen the body's defenses.Within a few days it begins to fill with breast milk that can provide all the needs of the baby in the diet.

How to strengthen the immune system baby

Newborn babies have great potential, and the task of parents - to create conditions for the kid develop harmoniously.Very often, we interfere with his own hands Children's immunity develop naturally: putting on the second warm socks, bathing in the heated bathroom zakarmlivaya sweet, barring run fast or high to climb.Physical activity, healthy eating and comfortable temperature conditions from birth - the key to a strong immune system.To grow strong baby, try to follow these simple rules:

  • breastfeed as long as possible, at least up to two years.At the same time up to six months can be no baby to finish feeding and dopaivat.
  • Observe temperature conditions: in a room where the child should not be warmer than twenty-two degrees.Regularly ventilate the room and start a wet cleaning without chemical cleaning agents.Comfortable temperature for swimming - 35-36 degrees, and the bathroom door should be kept open.
  • Wear the child so that it was not hot, often leave naked.
  • not aspire to that, to create a sterile environment for the baby, it's useless.The house should be clean, but not much more.The presence of a number of healthy animals has a positive effect on the health of the child.More
  • walk with him in the open air, away from the busy highway.
  • More often talk with the baby, caress him, do light exercises and massage.
  • When the child gets older, start feeding him with natural products, try to prepare yourself and less to buy canned puree.The diet should be present fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products.Each new type of food must be introduced gradually, watching the reaction of the organism.
  • Make sure that the child has been a regular decorated chair.
  • If your child has to take antibiotics, give him additional drugs to restore the intestinal flora.
  • Exercise with your child: go to the pool or do the exercises at home.
  • tempers baby.
  • Do not rush to give your child medication, for example, in the treatment of the common cold salt water is very good.If the temperature is not very high, it is not necessary to bring down, because in this way the body fights infection, do not disturb him.
  • considered approach to preventive vaccinations, discuss this issue with the pediatrician you trust.
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