My husband - the best dad

It's all about instinct

First you need to understand and accept the fact that men do not become fathers, when he saw a little dot on the monitor US.And the woman was not immediately aware of the fact of her pregnancy, and as a result of motherhood.Man enough to know that a change in the figure of his beloved blame not her habit to eat, and a new life, the birth because of his direct participation.So do not shed tears when during pregnancy the husband does not kiss your rounded belly and says tender words to navel.Moreover, not every man, even after the emergence of the baby is able to realize that a small lump in her arms crying - his flesh and blood, and separately taken people with their needs.

Preparing for fatherhood

good start in establishing paternity will be courses for young dads.Keyword "young" because the age of the men in this issue plays an important role.As a rule, men up to 30 years longer to get used to a new way of life associated with the appearance of children in the family.Me

n older conscious approach to the fact of paternity, they are more gentle and caring, as well as extremely sentimental.

Regardless of age group, all men useful to visit with his wife courses for expectant mothers, where both parents will learn a lot of interesting and useful information about child care and the difficulties with which they happen to encounter.

Affiliate childbirth can also play a key role in the establishment of paternity.After all, a man who has seen the birth of her baby, experiencing with his wife every fight, never say that motherhood - it's easy.

not ride

very much in the family depends on the woman.And after the birth of her more independent, including the spouse and assistance in establishing paternity.There are several ways to "inoculate" the ability to be a good husband, dad:

arrange on the beach. Talk to her husband about the future way of life while still pregnant.Let him get used to the idea that her former rhythm change much: will be less time for shared enjoyment, and you will be much needed his help.The water wears away the stone.And by the time of birth of your spouse will crumbs mentally prepared for his new role.

Negotiate options .Children are different.Some are very calm, sleep and eat all day, and someone "show character" since the cradle, not allowing parents a break.Colic, colds, growth of teeth, injuries - all of these processes may be accompanied by a loud cry of the child, the mother nervous breakdowns and sleepless nights.Both of you must be ready for it.My husband and I have discussed in advance all options in such cases, distribute the time that each of you will wake up and soothe the baby, while the other is resting.This will help to avoid unnecessary emotional outbursts and scandals.

Do not be afraid to ask for help. not insist, namely asking.Flat, measured tones, not forgetting the word "please."If you are hard, and you know that to cope without the help of her husband is unable to, then do not expect that he would guess about your needs, otherwise you risk not to wait and sink to the charges.Men are often required very precise sequence of actions, specific requests that it is easy to perform.Connect husband to care for a child from birth is necessary, and then, with time, he formed a habit to help you and to participate in a child's life on par with you.

Mom, Dad, I am! joint trips with the baby, at least on weekends, a positive impact on the future relations of the pope and of the child.If your child spends time with both parents, he develops psychologically harmonious personality, he inwardly calm, because instinctively he has to do everything.Mom and Dad - two different components of his little world.

Develop a man love for the child. If the liability and the nominal role of the husband's father somehow cope, then the feelings more difficult.Some men are wondering how you can love even irresponsible creature that and see it really can not.This is understandable, because nature has not endowed male hormone prolactin, which is more than is produced in women and helps to love your child.So be sure to often ask her husband to keep the baby in her arms, referring to employment, focuses his attention on the fact that with him child quickly calms , and here's eyebrows and chin crumbs exactly how the Pope, thus emphasizing the strong natural bond of father andchild.After these speeches, even the coldest man's heart melts with love.

takes care .Many women with the advent of the child committing a fatal mistake, completely soluble in kids and forgetting about his wife's functions.As a friend of mine said: "A woman is always one child more than the men."Funny, but true!Men are inherently and children in need of female attention and care as much as a newborn baby.Remember that with the advent of the baby your spouse does not have to go to the untidy clothes shop and eat dumplings, if earlier every night waiting for him pickles and starched collars of shirts.Such an unpleasant contrast will not benefit, and instead of love for you and the baby, a man will feel alienated.Try not to deprive man of simple attention and affection, and remember that it is not easier than you, because it is the spouse to get up at 7 am and sent to work after a sleepless night, while you can sleep with your child during the day.

Is your man a good father - only time will tell.If your child is a welcome and long-awaited, the process of establishing paternity pass safely and easily.In the meantime, your family can help the cohesion of action, love and a sense of humor!

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