Open the kids club

I enjoy spending time with your child, but do not quite understand why give it so much time.How many times can you re-read about "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" - and wonder at the end of that track in the end turns into a beautiful butterfly?
your friends, who do not have children, do not call as often as before, you already do not have much in common.You crave communication - and the occasional man who now unload your bags from the car, afraid that you are going to invite him along to see the show "Desperate Housewives."
Or maybe you're just a little bit lonely and you want to find a way, together with the child to visit the companies regularly and enjoy the fellowship.there is a solution: open a children's club.

Children's clubs

Ideally, children's club, as a rule, several children under the age of 2 years and a few teachers.How to announce the opening?You can place posters in public places: on bulletin boards in shops, cafes and children's clinic.
choosing a place based on your own Inters.Put the

m in places where there are people with similar interests.In other words, if you are an avid reader - send an invitation to the local library.If you love to knit - visit the store for needlework.So you will have more chances to meet people with whom you can spend your time.
Do not share your address on signs in public places.Instead, after the general information, such as the "Mother of 18-month old girl opens a kids club in the Central district. I will be glad to see the club moms (and dads!) With children under the age of 2 years. E-mail: Janedoe or phone 555-1212 for information. "
For this purpose, better to create a temporary e-mail address and telephone number.You invite strangers into your home - caution can not hurt.


Again for security reasons it would be nice to organize a first meeting on neutral territory.You can even humor to warn why you do it like this: "Let's meet in the" coffee grinder "for the first time and make sure that none of us has an ax in her purse. And then set a schedule of meetings at home."

Ensure that all mothers understand that this proposal be nannies.Think about how you would like to see the club: to carry out pre-planned event, or just sit in a cafe and maintain adult conversations while the children play?Both forms have their own advantages - the only question is what you want.

Advanced Tactics children's club

After the group is up and running, think about adding such events as the "Night Mother": once a month you will be able to come together without your little angels.Even if your kids club a bit disorganized and constantly interrupted by calls for changing diapers and other things, adults will surely love the idea of ​​a break from the worries.
Therefore, do not hesitate to offer to meet mothers without children.You can hire a nanny, or ask a friend to walk with the baby for a while.

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