Pease pudding, as a child

pease pudding , or "goroshnitsa" as we called it in his childhood - a real yummy.Tasty and satisfying, pease pudding can be served as a side dish to meat dishes or act as an independent dish.A recipe of pea porridge so simple that it will cope with even the novice mistress.

pease pudding: Cooking

For the preparation of pea porridge, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 2 tbsp.peas (can be taken as a dried and green peas);
  • 1 large onion;
  • 1/2 Art.vegetable oils;
  • salt to taste.

the evening rinse the peas under running water several times and soak in warm water overnight.The next day can be taken for cooking - it will take you about an hour.Even faster is preparing mess in multivarka.

drain and pour the peas with fresh water so that the water was a little above the level of peas.Put the peas into the fire, bring to a boil, stirring constantly, and removing the foam, and diminish the heat to low.

Boil peas need about an hour until seethe.When seethe, it ca

n be a bit potoloch tolkushkoy peas.Refill goroshnitsu oil or butter, add salt and stir.

pease pudding ready!

How to diversify the recipe of pea porridge

Before you put the pea stew, in that capacity, which will prepare goroshnitsu, melt finely chopped salty bacon - pease pudding will flavorful, with cracklings.

flavor of the dish would benefit if added to it for 20 minutes until tender clove, allspice and black pepper (they must be thoroughly pre-crush, to get a small baby). For 10 minutes until cooked in goroshnitsu can add tomato paste fried in onions and carrots.

pease pudding - an excellent garnish for a wide variety of dishes.Here are some examples:

  • chop of lamb or pork;
  • fried chicken legs;
  • stew beef with gravy;
  • meat meatballs in tomato sauce or cheese;
  • steak;
  • zrazy meat or patties;
  • fried or stewed with vegetables lamb or pork ribs;
  • smoked pork ribs;
  • bratwurst;
  • boiled sausages or shpikachki (can be served with a spicy sauce with cheese, garlic and sour cream);
  • dips of chopped bacon or ham with vegetables and spices;
  • hot smoked sausages;
  • pickles;
  • Korean carrots;
  • pickled mushrooms;
  • fresh vegetable salad dressed with sour cream or vegetable oil;
  • Bulgarian lecho;
  • crunchy croutons of black bread with garlic;
  • salted or smoked bacon, bacon.
Bon appetit!
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