What if the baby is crying

Causes tears

First we need to establish the reason why the baby is crying.When it comes to the newborn infant, he can cry, telling the desire to eat, drink, and also because of abdominal cramps or wet diaper.Older children are crying very conscious, demanding something from a parent.And in both cases the need to arm themselves with effective methods of sedation.

Inner peace

on child calm the most important and perhaps difficult to achieve is your mother's peace of mind.Any imbalance, increased tone or slap, could lead to a new wave of hysteria.So, as difficult as you may be, when your baby is crying, no matter for what reason he was doing it, you have to show him that calm.With this you can be quite severe, if the child is obviously capricious no reason , but in any case, do not go shouting.Affectionate, strict or even tone of voice will soon be heard the baby than the increase in votes.

Shifting attention

soothe a crying baby makes a distraction.It is always useful to have a supply of ne

w toys, interesting details and small books that will help shift the focus of the child at home or on a trip.

Tactile sensations

any child near my mother needed, particularly if it is bad and uncomfortable.Crying infants, likely to soothe breastfeeding, and the three-year kid simply hug and pat on the head perhaps, regret and say a kind word.Through bodily contact with the mother, the child calms down much faster.


At the time when your baby starts to cry, just try to talk to him.No matter what you ask him.You can ask how many birds outside the window, or simply try to find out what happened to the child.Most importantly, you talked quieter than your kid crying.Some children calm down quickly enough to hear what he says Mom.This method is also based on abstraction, only verbal.

Sound problems

amazing, but often not so much the baby cries of resentment or caprice, but from the fact that it does not understand.He wants to convey to parents the information, but can not say so.It therefore helps to calm the child scoring his problems.For example, "You are upset that we did not go for a walk.I understand.We will go later, when you have dinner "- such phrases of understanding on the part of parents to quickly erase the tears from the face of the child.

calm the child can be a dozen other ways that will switch his attention from his problems at something else, because there are so many interesting things and the unknown.Most importantly, the baby in such moments especially felt that he was not alone and very loved.

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