Holidays with baby

Before deciding on such a step is necessary to remember that the abrupt change in climate is not suitable for children up to three years.And then, that parents and children enjoyed the holiday, going on a trip, you must provide a set of rules.

visit to the pediatrician

As if you do not hurry to quickly leave the bustling city, and with the kid hit the road without a pediatrician and testing is necessary.Your pediatrician will observe the child from the cradle, knows all about the state of his health, so if after examination it something to confuse, the trip would be better to postpone briefly.But do not let the bad news.After consulting with a pediatrician, you will be able to choose the best climatic zone for a trip that will not harm the health of your child.For example, children with asthma, it is better not to visit the country, where the humidity is increased.

necessary documents

In that case, if the trip is planned across national borders, should take care of the documents for the young

traveler.First, the child must be inscribed in the passport of parents.If such a record is not present, you have to issue a special document confirming the fact of parenthood.Second, if the trip will take place without your husband (wife), it is necessary to take his permission for the export and import of the child outside the country, certified by a notary.Such legal action must also be done if the trip does not go with the child's parents and other relatives.

addition to these binding instruments, take just in case a birth certificate and medical policy.If you are traveling to a country with visa, then the child is also issued a visa and medical insurance.

funds for child care

Currently, problems with children's cosmetics, there is virtually nowhere.For kids in every state offer a full range of services and created the best prerequisites.A huge number of stores with children's products will help to solve all the problems with hygiene care.However, if you prefer the makeup of any particular company, you should stock up on everything you need in advance.In this list we put: cotton pads, bath lotion, moisturizing body cream, cream under a diaper, powder, shampoo, sunscreen with maximum protection factor of ultraviolet and wipes.

Diapers, diapers

take a few packs of diapers is not very convenient.In any country and any city without problems you can buy almost any diapers.But a certain margin of diapers still have to be.In addition to diapers would be nice to have a handy disposable diapers.With their help, you can easily change the diaper anywhere.

means of carrying a baby, stroller

for movement in places of recreation require stroller.It should be maneuverable, easy, convenient.The best option - stroller-cane.Buying a stroller, make sure that it actually evolved into a cane.Wheels strollers must be reliable and strong, and she stroller - easy.Pay attention to the back, which should be regulated so that the child could sleep in it.

In addition, it is desirable to purchase wheelchairs device for carrying baby - kangaroo or slings .Kangaroo is recommended for children from three to six months.Up to three months is better to wear your baby in a sling.


Going on a trip, be sure to take care of the first aid kit for the baby, and for ourselves too.The medical kit should include first aid products for: fever, pain relievers, adhesive plaster, sterile cotton wool, bandages, antiseptic, anti-allergy medicines, from nasal congestion and to improve digestion (Plantex).


nutrition of the child should be provided in detail.If your baby is fed breast milk, then you will not have any difficulties.However, if Infant and is bottle-fed, there need to be extremely careful.Despite the huge amount of breast milk substitutes in pharmacies, you should stock up exactly to which your child is accustomed.Any self-respecting supermarket abounds in various pyureshkami.However, the purchase of food products should be abandoned.It is better to buy such products in a specialty store or pharmacy.

talk about all the intricacies of traveling with a toddler can be to infinity.But my mother knows that the most useful thing would still be at home, to provide all impossible.However, such a change will not spoil the holiday, because in an emergency you can buy in the store.

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