Proper nutrition for children

Do not force a child to eat

If you force the child to eat each meal it will take a negative and try to do your defiance.This is the psychology.Even if a child is sitting at the table and picking fork on the plate, but does not eat, do not force it.After all, your task teach a child to eat normally , rather than one-time force.Simply remove the plate from the table, when the baby is hungry, he will tell you about it.

Limit fluid intake

Perhaps your child is not hungry, because until then drank a lot of juice or milk.Limit your intake of fluids between meals to the daily norm, and the juice is diluted with water.

Ask your child to help you

Let your child take part in the preparation of food: Trust Him to wash fruits and vegetables, stir the soup, and even set the table.Let your child prepare for the whole family, for example, cute banana fees - he would like to praise the household.Plus, try this "interesting" food wants much more.
sure to ask him what he wanted for dinner, for example,

"What put a garnish - peas or carrots?".The child feels that he has a right to choose.And since there is no pressure, then the fight is not necessary!In addition, if you cook together, the smells of food whetted his appetite!

dinner together!

devote lunchtime attempts to feed the baby - is not correct.The logic is that if you do not eat, then the baby can be!Instead of trying to persuade the child to eat, sit and eat yourself!Let this be an example for him.

Start with small servings

If the child does not like, such as mashed potatoes, do not give him a big portion.It is better to start with one or two spoons, gradually increasing portions.And there's a little psychological trick: the fewer opportunities to get something, the more we want it.So it is with the children and their nutrition.

Do not give

Even if a child persistently refuses to normal eating, you can not give in to his requests to have dinner ice cream, chips or crackers.You can not replace such products healthy food.If a child says he is not hungry when you offer him a hamburger - it means he is not hungry at all, and you should not feed him cookies.

Be trickier

is not necessary to give the baby cabbage stalk or a whole carrot.Prepare ovoshnoe stew or salad, for example.

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