How to teach a child to order

own example

Children aged two to three years to absorb information like a sponge and repeat for all parents of their actions.Making "as an adult" wants every kid, and it can be used for good purposes - namely, in order to accustom the baby.Wiping the dust in the apartment, apply another clean cloth into the hands of his young assistant, and watering flowers, arm baby toy watering can, talking about how water helps the flowers to grow.Remember that if the family is not in the habit to get out, and the child is increasingly sees you on the couch with a laptop, the hard-working he is unlikely to grow.

Cleaning personal space

Every child to three years should be aware that he has personal things: toys, clothes, pencils and more.Absolutely, as a desktop dad or mom kitchen.And this space has to be in order and clean before each bedtime.In order to inculcate a child the manner of their own to clean up toys, start with joint activities in the form of a game.Every evening, offer your child to collect to

ys a little in advance, before the evening swim, arguing that it is evening and dolls or cars, too, go to bed.Let the kid wishes their favorites goodnight and accurately help you put them into the basket.Over time, the child will form a habit to collect toys and every night without your help.


We all need motivation.And the children - is no exception.In matters of child accustom to order can serve as a motivation for praise.Words such as "well done", "clever", "How well do you get 'cause the child a pleasant feeling of self-awareness as an adult person, and spur his desire for order.


More often tell a child "thank you" for his help with the cleaned toys and folded in pencil pens and pencils.This principle works with school-age children, and with the kids.

Encouraging independence

order that the child has learned to love the work and restore order in the house in the future, should be encouraged to help gusts and promote its independence.If your child asks you to allow him to "wash the thing" in a basin of soapy water or wash the dishes, or in any case not suppress his initiative, because cleanliness childhood - this is very important.

Perhaps these impulses will cost you wet floors and a little extra effort in cleaning, but tomorrow you will be proud accuracy and diligence of their child.

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