As a child learn patience

necessary from an early age to teach a child good manners.He must understand that if you are running on the computer, talking on the phone, chatting with guests or cook dinner , then at this moment is to ask your permission if you can tear you from your work, or else all wait and take yourself on timeanything.

Teach your child to wait for a pause in the conversation, saying, "My mother (or other family member), you need me now, can you spare me a moment?".

Some parents sometimes try so quickly remedy the shortcomings of their children, that the process of correction is very rude.Use your good manners to create a model of communication skills.Pause, take a look at your child and say, "I'll come in a minute."

Teach your child the following: If you are talking to another adult, your child may come up and gently squeeze your hand - it will mean that you need him right now.In response to this and squeeze the hand of the child, making it clear that you understand and will soon be free to approach him.

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