How to prepare homemade wine: all stages

Homemade wine can be almost anything: apple, grape, strawberry, cherry, raspberry ... Recipes has a great variety, but the technology of manufacturing one.

How to prepare home-made wine: the main stages

Technology of house wines includes several basic steps:

  • preparation of raw materials;
  • juicing;
  • manufacturing wort;
  • fermentation;
  • removal of sludge;
  • bottling.

Now more detail about each step.

Preparation of raw materials

to house wine was sweet and pleasant taste, it is necessary to select only ripe fruits and berries.To juice it stands out better, and it was more necessary to mash the pulp.But wash the fruit puree is not necessary!Equally important is a responsible approach to the choice of packaging.This may be, for example, glass bottles or jars, oak barrels and enameled pots or buckets.But you can not use metal containers.Dishes should be well washed with hot water and baking soda to all odors have been eliminated and did not break the flavo

r of the beverage.


House wine - is fermented juice, so to begin to get the most juice.How to do it?The fruit or berries need a little chop.Producing spin better by means of the press, which is suitable for the role otrez dense fabric.So, cut the piece of cloth and lay it on the middle of the pulp.Then wrap the ends of the cloth and squeeze out as if press the laundered clothes.

How to prepare wort

Su layer - is the foundation.But naturally it can only be in the case of certain grape varieties, apples or pears .It is important that the juice contains the right amount of sugar and acid, only if the wine out.To reduce the amount of acid in wort with uschestvuyut three ways.

1. dilution with water. But then ready homemade wine can get very liquid and have not expressed a taste.Also, the water should not contain any impurities, and this is difficult to achieve.

2. Adding pure chalk.Take part used juice, it added chalk.This mixture should insist to precipitation.Thus, the juice will lose part of the acid.Then it has to be mixed with the remaining part.

3. Can sour juice mixed with sweet .It is important to remember that not all the juices combined with each other.

resulting mash is poured into a container, cover it and do the so-called water seal.For this purpose one end of the tube held by the tube, it is placed in a jar with wort (it should not touch the liquid), and lowered into another glass of water.In this case, carbon dioxide from the wort will go, but there will not get the oxygen.


fermentation - is an important step, which yields a "degree."If you use berries or fruits from his garden, then wash them is not necessary, it will allow the juice to ferment faster.If the last week, but nothing happens, you need to add the pre-harvested starter.To prepare it, you need to berry mixture (2 tbsp.), Fill with sugar (100 g) and add water (1 tbsp.).The container is then closed and removed in a warm dark place for a few days, after which the finished sourdough filter and used for a week (and then it will deteriorate).

Removal of wine from the sediment

When the fermentation process is completed, it is necessary to remove waste (dead yeast).If this is not done within a week, homemade wine just become bitter.

canning and storage

wine should be poured into bottles, stoppered and kept putting on its side in a cool dark place.If the bottles will stand, corks will dry out and drink out of steam.

These are the features of preparation house wine .

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