Child care in hospital

The best thing you can do - try to go to the hospital with the child.If not, spend as much time with the baby, and arrange with the nurse, so she took care of him in your absence.It's not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.How much talk with your child every day, you tell him you love him.Give details of why he got here, for what purpose he was given medication and doing a variety of treatments.Patiently and truthfully answer any questions asked.Explain that this situation is temporary, and soon he will recover and return home.Some children, especially those who are intimidated by doctors and hospitals, it seems that they were put here for misbehavior.Your task is to reassure the child and explain to him the real situation.

In no case do not be fooled by it and do not embellish reality.It is better to tell what awaits him, not to give false illusions.However, in the anatomical details should not go.So, if your child will have surgery, just tell that he fell asleep at the time and then wake u

p already underwent surgery, with a bandage, and soon will go to the amendment.While visiting be sure to ask, do not bother whether something is a child, pay attention to their behavior and health.

in different age children different perceptions of their hospital stay.For example, children under three years of undesirable and even dangerous is in these places alone, they should lie with their mothers.If for any reason this is not possible, let him bear dad or grandmother, free of any relative.You can replace each other in a day, it is in any case better than to leave the kid alone.At this age, are still possible at night difficulty going to the toilet, the child is not always able to fully cater for itself, especially in unfamiliar surroundings and surrounded by new people who are not always incredibly friendly.

older children, preschool children already know and understand much more than kids.They fear that the hospital them something to hurt, hurt.The main advice - calmly explain to the child what to expect, pronounces all stages of treatment.If you need to take blood from a finger and say.Admit it, it's a bit painful, but generally tolerated.Tell us why this is necessary.In no case did not intimidate the child's medical procedures as punishment for bad behavior , that you are stronger than aggravate the situation.

younger students, to about 12 years, are ready to accept everything that happens as it is and quite capable to spend some time away from home without their parents, and even get pleasure from this kind of freedom.Do not forget to give your child as much attention, talk to him and do not gloss over the truth, even if it is bitter.

As for teenagers, they are inherent in some secrecy.They are trying to look older and stronger than it actually is.But this is only the outside, inside they are likely to survive and worried about what they will.Be sure to print out the child to talk by using unobtrusive questions, ask him to keep a diary.Let calling you at any time, if there is any question.

child of any age is required to explain that in the event of any problem he might seek help from doctors, nurses, aides, senior neighbors in the ward to call you.My phone should be around the clock, do not forget to fill your balance his cell.In the end, stay in the hospital can bring not only negative emotions.It is also a positive experience that will make the child is older and more independent, a test of his abilities, and psychological maturity.Believe in your child and together you will succeed.

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