House wine from grapes of "Isabella": guide

House wine from grapes "Isabella»

Grape "Isabella» has a pleasant taste and a deep "brand" recognizable aroma that with nothing can not be confused.The wine from this grape turns out tasty and fragrant, for which he was so fond of in our country, especially in the southern coastal cities, where climate itself favors to grow grapes and prepare homemade wine.

selecting berries for homemade wine from grapes "Isabella» , in any case, do not wash them - on the berries should conserve natural film (it is - wild yeast), which is necessary for fermentation.If you wash the grapes, the wine you do not get.For the wine, draw the strong fresh berries and sluggish, over-mature or immature, defective - throw away.Selected berries need to put in a large container, in which you will crush them.

To press the berries can be in any convenient way - tolkushkoy or hands.When you crush all the berries, the juice should strain through cheesecloth or a sieve with very fine mesh in a separate tank, filling it

about two-thirds.Now cover it with gauze and leave for 5 days, twice a day, stirring the liquid.Then pour the liquid in large cans or bottles and add the sugar at the rate of 1.5-3 kg per 10 kg grapes (depending on your taste).

on the neck of the bottle banks or wear medical gloves, a needle prick a few holes in them, at the bottom of the glove fasten a rubber band or tape.Leave the jars in this state for 2-3 weeks.First, the glove will be greatly inflated, the wine will be ready when the glove is blown away.

Now wine strain through cheesecloth (this is necessary to ensure that the yeast deposited on the bottom of the bottle, do not fall into the wine) and filled into containers in which to store wine.Store it in a cool dark place.

House wine from grapes "Isabella» - table, it is served for lunch or dinner with meat or poultry, vegetables, spicy dishes, cheese, citrus and chocolate.

Homemade wine can be made only from grapes, but also, for example, apples , plums or even Ranetok.Experiment and enjoy!

Another recipe for making homemade wine from grapes "Isabella»

Grapes moved and choked as described in the previous recipe.Gruel, the resulting after you crush the grapes, called the pulp.Pour the mash in a large container and fill with pure water at the rate of 1 part water to 3 parts of grapes.Top pour sugar at the rate of 40 grams of sugar per liter of water.Now you can leave the mixture for 3-4 days in order to defend it and began to wander.

About the beginning of the fermentation, you will learn from the fact that the top starts to form "top" - yeast whitish foam.Stir the "crown" in the mixture and leave until a new "crown", which also need to be mixed.So again a few times, until you notice that the "top" is formed very quickly.Then remove it and strain the pulp through 2 layers of cheesecloth.

The resulting liquid is a third diluted with water and bottled to the level 3/4.Neck cotton stop up the foam from the fermentation did not go out and leave for a few days.A few days later the active phase of fermentation is completed: pull the wool on the neck and wear medical gloves or rubber balls, needles pierced them to exit gas, and wait until they are blown away.

Now add another 200 grams of sugar per liter of the resulting liquid (this liquid is called wort), and add sugar should be as follows: from each bottle we take a bit of mash, mix it with the necessary amount of sugar, warm and pour into the bottle back.After that, the process of fermentation, when it ends, the bottles have to settle for another 30 days. House wine from grapes of "Isabella" is ready.

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