Himself winemaker: how to make homemade wine from apples

vintages - this process is very long and rather tedious.To make homemade wine from apples , you need to know all the stages of its preparation.The following details this.

Cooking homemade wine made from apples: it takes

So, to prepare wine needed:

  • apples;
  • sugar;
  • equipment for juicing;
  • 2 enamelled glass;
  • wooden or glass containers (one for fermentation and the other to defend);
  • clay and snorkel.

Cooking apples

apples must necessarily be ripe and juicy.To make homemade wine from apples delicious and rich, fruits do not need to wash, because on the surface of a special live yeast which will eventually provide a fermentation juice.If apples heavily dirty, they can be lightly brush the cheek or wipe with a dry cloth.The cores must be removed, remove the skin is not necessary.Rotten and worm-eaten parts removed.

squeeze the juice

To get the juice to press apples.It is best to do this with a juicer.Then the juice is clear and fluid.If such equ

ipment is not, you can rub the fruit on a grater, then squeeze through the dense tissue.It is important that the pulp as possible not to fall into the juice.

defended juice

to homemade apple wine happened, you need to start the fermentation process.For this you need a little juice ready to insist in an open container with a wide mouth.A few days yeast is activated.Always will be formed so-called pulp (it looks like a foam) it in the first 2 days will need to be mixed with juice.Approximately 3-5 hours pulp rises to the surface, and the juice will acquire sour smell (about like vinegar).The foam must be removed (to remain just a thin film).

add sugar

amount of sugar depends on what wine to get: sweet, semi-sweet, dry or dessert.If necessary, dry, then 1 liter of juice takes only 200 g sugar.And for sweet and sweet varieties will be optimal amount equal to 300-400 g


to make homemade wine from apples , it is necessary to ferment the juice.To this end, our wort (a little sour juice) should be poured into a sealed container.It should be filled to approximately 4/5, as in the cooking process will produce foam.

The neck should be closed clay into which the tube.It should not touch the liquid, it is better to place it higher in order to avoid clogging foam.The other end of the tube should be placed in a glass filled with water.All these manipulations prevent oxygen in the wort (otherwise get vinegar).The capacity must be removed in a dark room where the temperature should necessarily be within 18-23 ° C.Fermentation can last for a month and a half.Then house wine is filter to remove the precipitate formed.


In fact, the wine can be drunk already, but it will have a bluff taste and smell.So it is better to give it to mature.To this end, the liquid is poured in a completely clean and dry container (so it must be properly cleaned and thoroughly dried), which is then plugged.Transfusion is best done using the handset to start with the upper layers, then move on to the others.After 2-4 months the wine will mature and acquire a beautiful amber color and an unforgettable aroma of apple.

Now you know how to cook homemade apple wine.And this drink you can proudly entertain your friends and guests-they will definitely be thrilled!

wine can be prepared not only from Apple but also other fruits and berries, for example, cherry.

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