Puree squash for infants

So it's time to diversify the diet of baby vegetables and fruits.One of the most easily digestible vegetables is a tavern - which is why many pediatricians recommend it as a first meal.

How useful zucchini

Courgettes are beneficial to a growing child's body.The flesh of this vegetable has a delicate texture, full of moisture and does not contain coarse fibers.Puree squash does not irritate the intestines, is easily digested and is therefore indispensable for the nutrition of the baby.Choleretic effect vegetable activates digestion, prevents constipation.In the pubs contains many useful trace elements (calcium, sodium, iron, phosphorus, potassium) and vitamins ( B , C , nicotinic acid).Eating zucchini puree for infants will be doubly useful, because apart from anything else, this vegetable has a calming effect on the nervous system is very active, excitable kids, and prevents the development of anemia.

Cooking zucchini puree for infants

zucchini puree for infants should be tasty and healthy.To puree is well absorbed by the body of the child, it is necessary to choose the vegetables and cook.

Choose fresh, young, a little immature zucchini.When the squash is stored for a long time, it loses water and valuable nutrients.Therefore squash tail should not be dry, and the skin should be shiny without any damage.In winter you can cook from frozen mashed zucchini pulp.

turned to mashed sweet, retained nutritional value, without losing useful vitamins, zucchini should wash, peel and pour the water for 4 hours.Do you want to remove soaked zucchini seed pulp, and then cut it into slices or cubes.After this vegetable can bake, braise or cook in a double boiler.Approximate cooking time - 25 minutes.The resulting pulp marrow necessary to grind in a blender or in any other convenient manner.

acquaint kids with squash

To avoid loss of vitamins, do not store long prepared for the baby food. Puree squash babies need to eat immediately, or at least the remnants of food can be frozen.

familiarize the baby with mashed need, starting with one teaspoon.Then gradually increase the dose to avoid feeding on hot days and during the child's illness.Children from six months may be administered in a little olive oil sauce and salt.You can add the pumpkin puree zucchini, carrots, cauliflower, avoiding combinations with potatoes.The starch contained in potatoes, hard to digest and can cause digestive disorders in a child.

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