Natural homemade wine irgi

Some drinks can be made at home, if you learn the technology and features of their manufacture.Here we will talk about how to make a great wine from home irgi .

What will it take?

a very short list of ingredients:

  • 2-3 kilos of berries irgi (this depends on the juiciness of them should get 1 liter of juice);
  • 1 kg of sugar;
  • 2 liters of water.

important that Saskatoon was ripe and juicy.In addition, it is desirable to use the berries sprinkled and rough, as needed for fermentation unwashed Saskatoon (on its surface are yeast that trigger).And it will also need something else, without which the process of making wine is simply impossible.In particular, we must take a pot, enamel, glass or wooden container, 1 glass bottle (with stopper), cutting of thick fabric, 1 glass, clay and a tube.

recipe for homemade wine from irgi

preparation technology house wine includes several stages.We list them and describe in detail.

1. Preparation of syrup. pot of water you need to put

on the fire.When the water boils, you can start slowly and gently add the sugar, stirring constantly mass spoon.Boil the syrup should be 10-15 minutes on low heat, during which the sugar has dissolved and the composition thickens.

2. Squeeze the juice. Berries irgi not very juicy.In addition, pressing the juice from them can be very difficult.So you can do this: carefully heat the berries in a saucepan, then gently potoloch and leave for a day.During this time they will give juice, which will be overcome more easily.To spin the pulp need to pass on a piece of cloth, and then connect the edges and press all (it usually squeezed wash clothes).You will need to 1 liter of juice, so that the remaining volume (if it is) is not required.

3. Preparation of the wort. Juice irgi you have to mix with the prepared syrup.The wort is ready.

4. Fermentation. This is a very important process, without which homemade wine irgi just did not happen.Thus, the entire structure must be poured into a container with a narrow neck, which is necessary to close up clay, leaving an opening for the handset.Then, one end of the tube is placed in the hole, that is, into the vessel.It is important that it does not touch the liquid.The other end must be placed in a glass of water.Thus, the composition will not flow oxygen.Capacity should be removed in a dark warm place (temperature is between 19-24 ° C).Fermentation lasts about 2-3 weeks.When it is complete, the liquid brighten.

5. Advocacy. Once fermentation is complete, the wine need to strain and pour into a bottle cork corked it.And for 3-4 months of the fault will be forgotten, it will settle, and then acquire a wonderful taste and aroma.

few tips

to homemade wine irgi happened, you can use simple tips.

1. The tube, clay and glass of water can be replaced medical rubber glove, you want to put on the neck of the container.

2. If after 3-5 days fermentation is not started, you need to add the pre-cooked starter .To make it, you need to stretch your 2 cups of berries (best used for that purpose raspberries), pour a glass of water, add 200 grams of sugar.All of this mix, close tightly and put into a warm place.After 4-5 days, the liquid is filtered.The leaven is ready!

3. If the berries are dirty, they can be wipe with a dry cloth or brush with a soft toothbrush.

treated all homemade wine from irgi own cooking!

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