House wine from cherries: cooking technique

House wine cherry easy to prepare, it has a pleasant flavor and good taste.Both you and your family and guests will appreciate this easy and very tasty wine.

preparation of homemade wine from cherries

3 kg of cherries, you will need two lemons, 1.5 kg sugar, 4 liters of water.Rinse berries, remove the seeds and the stalk.The pulp mash using tolkushkoy.The resulting pulp is pour boiled water.The resulting wort leave for 3 days in a warm room.

After 3 days strain the mash through cheesecloth and pour into a large glass bottle.There also add the lemon juice and sugar.All mix well, put a water castle and leave again in the heat for further fermentation.

So the bottle should stand month.Then drain hose into a container of wine, filter through cheesecloth and pour into a clean bottle.Now you need a good bottle cork and carry into the cellar or pantry for aging, which will take about six months.

An alternative method of preparation of homemade wine from cherries

Do not wash the cherr

ies, so as not to remove the natural bacteria, yeast, and let the bones - they will give homemade cherry wine almond flavor.Cherry davim in a container and pour into the prepared great dishes.Add the sugar and water and mix.The water is better to use room temperature.A bucket of cherries, you will need two buckets of water and 7 kg of sugar.Now mash tank with cover and leave to ferment in the dark.

soon formed the top "cap" of foam.The temperature of the wort during fermentation rises, if it becomes higher than desired (20 to 25 ° C) - add capacity to mash a couple of ice cubes, if the temperature, on the contrary, has fallen - Scoop mug little mash, warm in a water bath, stir and pour back.Rove must be about a week.At this time I need 2 to 3 times a day to mix it.

week later must cease to interfere, let it stand for 5 days - foam by this time almost does not remain, and the top layer of the container will be a big cherry pulp.It needs to catch using a colander, pressing lightly into the container by hand and throw it away.

Once again, do not touch the mixture in the tank this week: Now comes the fermentation process at the bottom of the container.

week later drain the wine from the bottle into the tank with a hose so that sediment remained where the wine ferment - you do not need it.Transfer the bottles in a cool and dark place, cover with lid and leave for 2 weeks for a "quiet ferment."After 2 weeks, again drain hose from the wine bottle into another container and cover caps (loose) or close the rubber gloves, so leave for another 10 days.After 10 days on the bottom of the vessel appears dense precipitate thickness of 1 to 2 cm - now a third hose pour wine in the bottle, and leave for several days.

The fermentation process can be considered complete when, putting his ear to the neck of the bottle, you hear a hissing, and on the surface of the wine will not bubble.On the palate the wine ready to be tart, without too much sweetness, and the smell of alcohol, which was clearly visible in the early stages of fermentation, will change the scent of wine.

Now pour homemade wine from cherries harvested for bottles and place for storage in a cool dark place for a few months: the longer brewed wine, the more transparent and it will be fragrant.

to similar recipe preparing wine from aronia. It has a special tart taste and will be useful for those who suffer from high blood pressure.

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