House wine without yeast: simple recipes

Home currant wine without yeast: the recipe

Wine blackcurrant gives a very aromatic, tart and beautiful. cook it just : you need to collect the ripe berries and mash well.Berry wine in any case can not be washed, as it may lose its properties of fermentation.

So we collected black currants.Now it must be crushed with a blender or grinder.Crushed, add the sugar and boiled water at room temperature.2 kg berries take 2 kg of sugar and 5 liters of water.Mix the ingredients in a large bottle better.On the neck of the bottle Rubber gloves, tightly wound rubber band neck underwear to avoid the passage of air.When the glove is inflated, one finger gently pierce or releasing air.

future of the wine should be stored in a dark place, without sunlight.For example, you can put it in a black bag.We maintain wine for 3-4 months at a temperature of 23-24 ° C.To lighten the finished wine, put it on a few days in the refrigerator.Fortress wine - 12-14 °.

grape homemade wine

for cooking wine pick ripe sweet grapes, move, and not mine (!) Crush hands.So you get the grape must.To mash, add sugar (50 g per 1 L), cover the container with a lid and leave to ferment for 5 days.The wort is necessary to stir daily.

After 5 days, when the grapes will rise up, pour grape juice in a glass jar and add more sugar: 250 g per 1 liter of juice.The amount of sugar depends on the type of grape and sweets.Remember that the more sugar, the stronger vino.Zakryt jar of wine you need a special cover - a water gate.It prevents air from entering the bottle.Buy a water trap can be a hardware store.

Keep wine in a dark place for 3 weeks.After this period, bottling, zakuporte, cool and clean for another month to ripen.

wine recipe without yeast apple

Very tasty homemade wine without yeast obtained from apples.Take a ripe apples.Better to take the apples two varieties: sweet and sour.Apples do not wash, just clear of the core and seeds.

Now chop the apples using a grinder or blender.The finished puree to leave for 2 days in an open container.All this time the mash should be periodically stir and remove dense foamy cap.Then drain the juice and squeeze pulp through a cheesecloth.Pour the resulting juice into a vessel for fermentation adding to 1 liter of juice, 250 g sugar and 150 ml water.Cap-hydraulic lock and leave to ferment for a month.

The wine is bottled, zakuporte tightly and leave to mature for another 2-3 months.

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