Panacea in a bottle: two recipes of apple cider vinegar

Prepare apple cider vinegar at home is not so difficult.We present you 2 recipe cider vinegar - choose any taste.This homemade apple cider vinegar contains many vitamins and minerals, including potassium, indispensable that we needed for our muscles and blood vessels.This vinegar can be used not only for food but also in medical, nutritional and beauty: it improves digestion, promotes weight loss , eliminates the problems with the skin and wraps it with an effective way to combat cellulite.

recipe for apple cider vinegar number 1

mature or ripe sweet apples cut into large slices and reserve on a plate for the light that they have acquired a dark color due to the oxidation of iron under the influence of oxygen.Then you need to squeeze the juice out of the apples.Squeezed juice pour into glass or earthenware bottle on her neck and put a rubber ball or a rubber glove.

Now put a container of juice in the dark, and a warm place, away from sunlight.The temperature should be about 30 ° C.While apple

cider vinegar wanders ball (glove) will inflate - These are the gases produced during fermentation.The process can take anywhere from 1 week to 6 weeks.When the ball (glove) inflates completely, remove it and pour the liquid into a broad wooden or pottery.The wider area of ​​the neck and more vinegar contact with the air, the better, the sooner will be a process of fermentation.Iridescent liquid together with "uskusnoy womb" - the film of yeast fungi, formed on top of the liquid.

Do not top up the fluid to the top: it must still be about 7-9 cm in reserve.Cover the container with a napkin, tie with cheesecloth and place for the secondary fermentation in a dark warm place for another 45-60 days.

kogad liquid ceases to boil and becomes transparent - apple cider vinegar is ready.Filter it through a cheesecloth and bottle.Keep it should be at a temperature of 6-15 ° C in a dark place.Over time (a few months of storage), it may form a natural sediment.It's not scary, just filter the precipitate and then pour vinegar into the bottle.

recipe for apple cider vinegar number 2

to loop, wash and clean from the worm-eaten and rotten places sweet ripe or overripe apples.Finely slice the apples pass through a vegetable grater or scroll through a meat grinder.Place the apple in a lot of glass, enamel or pottery with a wide neck and add the warm boiled water (1.2 liters per 1 kg of apples), honey (250 g for the same amount of apples), bread yeast (25 g per 1 kg of apples)and crackers from black bread (50 g per 1 kg of apples).All mix thoroughly and place in a warm dark place without closing for 10 days.2-3 times a day the mixture stirred with a wooden spoon.

After 10 days, strain through cheesecloth weight 2 times, pour the liquid into a container with a wide neck and add another 100 g of honey or sugar (1 kg of apples).Stir, tie the top with gauze and put in a warm dark place for 40-60 days.When the vinegar becomes transparent and light, again strain it through cheesecloth and pour into clean bottles, which are then plug the plug or fill paraffin.

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