Laziness - the engine of progress, or simple recipes for homemade wine

no secret that we are all a little bit lazy, sophisticated technology few people are attracted to.Therefore, the house wine we want to prepare for the simplest recipe.We present two simple recipes really house wine - grapes and out of a jam.Choose the one you like best!

wine from grapes

for making wine for this recipe, take the grapes, move it and put in a container, removing the leaves, twigs and spoiled berries.Do not wash the grapes!On its peel has a natural yeast bacteria, and if they are washed off, the wine does not turn.Leave the grapes for a few days.3-4 days will be enough to grapes began to wander.

Then take the berries and we press them to get the juice.If you have a juicer - great, if not - it does not matter: push hands or tolkushkoy and then wring out through a gauze.The resulting dilute juice with water at a ratio of 2: 1 and add sugar (10 l of a mixture of water and juice to put 2.5 kg of sugar, or even more).Mix well and pour into a large bottle.On the neck of bottles tighten ru

bber medical gloves and leave the wine as much time as he needs.Gloves will rise and fall - are gases produced during fermentation, go outside.

When the gloves finally fall, stage fermentation of wine completed.Strain the wine, try to sweetness.If you want to sweeten the wine, take a small portion of the wine, add the sugar and heat until sugar is not completely disperse in the wine, and pour back into the bottle of wine.Mix well, let stand (to precipitate opal) and bottle, being careful not to disturb the sediment.Bottles close and so leave to infuse for a few months.Here's a simple recipe homemade wine from grapes, in which the most difficult - to endure a few months before the first test beverage.

Wine jam

This simple recipe for homemade wine well for those housewives who cook jam is about 3 times more than the whole family can eat for a year - for example, as many (including mine) grandmother.

incorrectly assume that the wine will suit any tainted jam.In no case shall not be used to mold or sour wine jam!Only that sugar, suitable to make a delicious homemade wine.Wine of the jam turns out stronger than wine grape, keep in mind.

Take any jam (you can even mix several different species).The recipe is given per 1 liter jam.

In good washed 3-liter container lay out the jam, add 1 liter of boiled water and 120 grams of raisins (raisins do not wash!) Or 300 g of fresh grapes, mashed into mush (also without washing).Mix well, try sugar by Jehan add honey and cinnamon.Close the container cap of wool, wrapped in several layers of cheesecloth.

Days 7-10 mash from berries and raisins come up.Collect it and strain obtained must pour into a bottle, well-washed and treated with boiling water.Put the neck of the bottle rubber glove and leave wine alone for 40 days to ferment.When the glove falls, strain the wine and bottle.A couple of months they will have to lie down (to store wine bottles should be in a cool dark place, putting them on the side), and then you can try the wine!Only open gently sparkling wine can get.

bit more time consuming, but much more original wine irgi.

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