Tart homemade wine from aronia

Homemade wine from aronia

matures in September chokeberry - many remember her tart taste, bright saturated color and astringent mouthfeel. Homemade wine chernoplodki get the same - with rich flavor, tart and very bright color and deep flavor.In homemade wine from aronia have another property: it reduces the pressure well, so it is appreciated by those who have problems with high blood pressure.All the others can simply enjoy a drink with a rich, full flavor.

How to prepare home-made wine from aronia

recipe for homemade wine from chernoplodki little different from home recipe grape table wine.First we select fruit (in any case do not wash them not to remove the natural yeast on the surface).Now spread the berries in a large container, in which they will wander in the beginning, and begin to squeeze.Keep in mind that the juice from chernoplodki not so easy to wash, so we press hard, but without fanaticism, accurately.

Thoroughly suppressed berries, add sugar.Approximately 1/2 Art.1 kg chern

oplodki, then get a delicious dessert wine.Lovers of dry wine to reduce the dose of sugar is not advised: dry wine from aronia out so-so, sour, tart too.Pereslaschivat also undesirable, then it will be too pronounced sweetness, let's better sweet taste is present, but in the background so as not to confuse and not to be confused bunch.

Mix berry juice with sugar (it's best to do it right handed).Now camouflage cover dishes and carries a relatively dark hidden from the glare place for a week.There due to wild yeasts from the surface of a mixture of berries will wander, your task is the same - 2-3 times a day to stir her to stir the pulp and juice.A week later, the berries swell, float up, appears characteristic of fermentation foam.Now choose the pulp of wine and press it as far as possible through cheesecloth.Do not throw away the pulp, it is still needed.The juice is filtered through a colander or sieve.

juice poured in a glass container, stir, cover and leave for a few days.

remaining pulp dilute warm (not hot!) Water, add sugar and put on re-fermentation.Then a new batch of juice mix with the one that we have now for a richer taste wine.

After 4-7 days remembers left juice and put it to further ferment in a large glass, ceramic or wooden containers.For this we need a water seal capacity - simply fasten the cap to the neck tape, do it to the hole and pokes a small hose or even a cocktail straw.Hole blocking clay, and the free end of the tube is dipped into a glass of water. resulting wine remove it in a cool dark place.

At this time, watching the the pulp with water, do not allow mold, stir constantly.A few days later a little squeeze pulp from a new batch of juice and pour out the juice into a container with a first portion, after removing the water seal and removing from the surface of the foam.Hydraulic lock is closed again and remove the container in a dark place at room temperature.Every 2 days pour wine from a container to another, trying not to shake the residue, and then filter the wine with a hose, and then - gauze, carefully placing the water seal.The wine will "play" - hissing, bubbling, wander.When the "game" over and homemade wine from aronia becomes transparent, you can taste it.

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