Fragrant homemade wine pear

House wine pear - is delicious and flavored drink, to cook you do not spend a lot of time and effort, because everything is easy.The manufacturing process described in greater detail below.

What will it take

First of all, you need to take 10 kg of pears, 10 liters of water and 5 kg of sugar.Pears can be of any variety, it is not too affects the quality of the finished beverage.Boil water is not necessary, but the filter will not be superfluous.In addition, you will need some more tools.Firstly, this fermentation vessel of 20 liters.It can be wooden or glass, not metal.You will also need a glass tube and clay (or rubber gloves instead of all this).You also need to prepare a few bottles to store the finished wine.

House wine pear: the technology of preparation

Technology of preparation is quite simple, but it consists of several stages.

first step is to prepare the syrup . For this you just need to dissolve the sugar in the water and carefully mix everything. To prepare the wine commonly used fruit juice or fruit.But with pears is not so simple: squeeze the juice from them is sometimes very difficult, so this is optional.You can simply crush them, or cut into slices.The second embodiment will simplify the process, as in the case of mashed need to separate it from the liquid by straining.So cut the pear slices and put in a fermentation vessel.Wash the fruit is not necessary, so you should be sure that they are no processed.

to homemade wine from pears happen, you need a container for fermentation pour syrup and all mix well.

must now make the water trap. to this neck of the container is necessary to close up clay.Do not forget to make a hole, it will need to place one end of the tube (touch the liquid, it should not be), and the other end is lowered into a glass of water.Instead, you can just put on a rubber glove on his throat.The effect is the same: the oxygen supply will be discontinued.

capacity should be placed in a warm and dark room.The temperature should not go beyond 19-24 ° C, otherwise nothing happens.I must go to the fermentation process, which eventually will turn the juice into homemade wine pear .It can last for a month and a half.Determine the fermentation was completed or not, you can just.If you installed the glove, it should be completely blown away.And if you put the water trap, then formed in a glass with water bubbles should disappear (if not more than 3 days, the process is completed).

get young homemade wine pear .In principle, it is already possible to drink, but it is not fragrant and delicious.So the best thing to drink a little mature.To do this, drain it and pour in a bottle, corked their stoppers.And after 3-4 months wine infusions.

few tips

If the fruits are very dirty, you can clean them with a brush.But do not wash, because on the surface of pears already have special fungi that will start the fermentation process.

If last week, but unrest has not started, you need to add a starter.Cooking it is better for one and a half weeks before the vintage.It can be the leaven of raisins.To do this, a handful of dried fruit to pour 2 tbsp.of warm water, adding 50-100 g sugar.All of this is covered tightly and put them in a warm place.After 4 days the starter is ready, but it should drain.It is suitable only a week, and then turns sour.Add it must be right in the bottle fermentation together with the other ingredients.

let you get a delicious and flavorful pear wine!

To make wine, not necessarily go to the market.You can cook tart wine from Rowan , which can be found in any forest.

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