Overweight in the child

Many parents believe that the thicker the child, the healthier it is, therefore, not in a hurry to seek the help of doctors and continue to feed a child of different fatty treats.In adolescence, the child may begin to be ashamed of the figure, which will lead to mental disorders and greatly undermine his health.

Obesity heart, internal organs, constant shortness of breath and failed attempts to combat obesity lowered immunity and make the child vulnerable to the impact of various diseases that a healthy body easily fights.

not spare your child

To try to avoid all this, parents need to help their child.The earlier identified the cause of excess weight and start to take some measures to address it, the easier it will leave unnecessary kilograms.

Of course, there can not do without a special diet.Children are very hard to give up favorite foods, so parents should also stop using harmful for the body Products: candy, candy, chocolate, biscuits and so on. D. Adults must feed the child tas

ty and varied, then it will accept a diet is not so painful.Healthy foods also can be cooked very tasty, just need to show a little imagination.It is not necessary to give the baby porridge only fresh and raw vegetables, you can, for example, put them on a couple.

During family outings you should try not to go with the child to places where there are restaurants, cafes, fast food, confectionery and so on. Why once again to upset him?It is better to go to the masseur, cinema, entertainment center.

Nothing better sport has not yet come up with

Without sports also can not do in the fight against excess weight.At first it is necessary to pick up the child in the exercise simple.A child should lead sedentary lives, so not spare money for sports clubs .However, before any sports activities To reduce your child to the doctor for consultation may he have any diseases where physical activity contraindicated.

Remember, the child must willingly want to lose weight - no need to put pressure on him and force to do so.

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