How to become a friend to your child

When there is a parent ...

Single parents are faced with a huge challenge, as they should be, and as a mother and as a father at the same time.It is difficult to explain to a child why other children complete a family and you do not.And even harder to fulfill both functions: as a father and mother.If your child's complexes appeared at the fact that he had incomplete family - sit down and discuss things with him.Tell me that you understand it and are willing to help at any time.Explain that your family is not very different from others, because you love your child, and he loves you and you are ready to become his friend.During this candid conversation your child will thank you.

How to find the child another

1. Be prepared to participate in the child's problems, stand on his defense, and not to be against him.It one of the most important qualities of mother , because to become friends, the child must feel in your support and assistance.

2. Taking a decision, consult with a child.So it will fe

el important to you.

3. Spend more time together: walk, go to the movies.

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