Understanding Parents and Children

Step 1. desire to establish contact.Before you invite children to play together, make sure that they need in your community at the moment.

Step 2. Smile to your children!Whatever the problems were not you at work or with a spouse, your child should see you constantly frowning.

Step 3. Feel like a child - if the children ask you to take part in their game, do not deny them.

Step 4. matter how busy you are, take a few hours of a child, to talk to him, play, tell a story or watch a cartoon.

Step 5. When you are busy with their chores, and children playing nearby, be sure to periodically contact them.

Step 6. Every evening Ask your child how he spent the day that he interesting happened.

Step 7. We listen 80% of the time and talk only 20%.If we are always going to respond in this way, the children will have an impression that Mom and Dad can not hear them.

These 7 Steps - a way to communicate with the child, instead of yelling, nagging, threats, manipulation, or something worse.When we

use negative motivation, we run the risk of harm to our relations.Be attentive, friendly and affectionate child.

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