Shopping with a child

tell you about their experiences

Almost every store shopping center, I witnessed the same spectacle: the children were taken from the shelf toys and sweets, and parents say "No!" And put all back.It looks like a silly dog ​​training, with the frequent addition of "can not" or "do not have to take."

I put my daughter on the child seat in the truck.She was sitting, put his feet in the hole, and it was very easy to miss from the shelves of different products, and fold them in our truck.I pulled it from the truck and let her be like walking and she immediately grabbed some bank with one of the shelves.Then I tried to pick her up, but she wriggled zealously and completely given to me, capricious and demanding release .

The store was eighteen funds, but because of all the work only two.In each of the working people of all banks was ten.Before us in the queue was a woman who chose expired milk and began to express their dissatisfaction with the cashier - I realized that we are idle pace for a long time.

But here we were lucky, the administrator opened extra cash and we were penultimate buyers.

When we eventually paid off for all the things that you have chosen, I came up with the following idea: reason only at the box office notice how much to buy absolutely useless, unnecessary things.All your purchases are packed in bags, even if you take only one candy bar.From the outside it looks even absurd.But the most important result of our joint trip to the store with her daughter was that, at first, I was able to choose products without leaving a child alone: ​​it has always been under my care.And, secondly, in the oncoming store, my daughter fell asleep at home instantly and evening I was absolutely free.So in every situation need to look for the positive.

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