Children's quarrel

is largely dependent on the training and how much attention you pay to each child.For example, a simple jealousy of one of your children may lead to serious conflict.

Council experts

As children grow, they develop and character is formed, they begin to learn about the world, they appear their habits, preferences and complaints.At this time, there are cases among children showdown.Parents should be aware of this, to try to lead the development process and avoid quarrels.

However, if the quarrels and spats going on, you need to find out the cause of these quarrels, talk with each child and try to explain to them that this behavior is unacceptable - they are close to each other people.

Do something else ...

If serious conflict take away the children take turns quietly to the side and talk to them about the behavior.Discuss with the children what is happening in their lives.Perhaps a child having problems at school and he tries to avenge a grudge against the home.Explain to him that you are alw

ays there and ready to help.With any difficult situation you cope if you talk about it.


If a child is just tired of the monotonous environment and lacks new experiences - do your best to make him feel comfortable.Everyone knows how frustrating when for a long time can not do what you want.The child is difficult to restrain their emotions.Maybe going to the movies, to a museum or a tour can help relieve tension.

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