Games on the development of imagination

At an early age the kid collects various images and sensations, like a sponge absorbing new experiences.Later, he begins to realize that he is the creator and capable of creating something new.The most fertile period for the development of a child's imagination - from about 5 to 12 years.Children of this age effortlessly create in your imagination the whole unexplored worlds.The task of parents is to guide the child, give him food for thought, the starting point for mental activity.Develop a good imagination helps a variety of games, you can play at home, on the street or even on the road.

Creative classes

This concept includes a variety of exercises: drawing inks, pens, pencils, molded from clay, clay, dough, creating applications, pictures of cereals, embroidery and more.And you can not just draw on the album, as well as on large poster paper attached to the wall or laid on the floor, on the figures of the dough to decorate dishes or doll furniture. Master crafts with your child from any availab

le material : cones, boxes, caps, wrappers, old socks.Try to come up with, that can be converted into a box unnecessary.Costume robot?Space rockets?Dollhouse?Let them boats in the bathtub, using a floating means all that is possible: plastic plates, sheets, tin cans of soda.Find an old sheet and sew from her ghost costume, gouache Paint it.If you you do not have any material, for example, you are traveling by bus, discuss with your child, from what could be done, for example, the way for his collection of cars, or fishing pole and fish from the lake.

Compose tales

easiest to do this with the help of a home puppet theater.You will need heroes and screen (optional).To start pick up the child characters familiar fairy tales, for example, Bun, grandmother with Dedkov, bear, rabbit and fox.You can buy a ready-made set, and it is better to make your own characters - sew, cut from cardboard or take similar toys (used as a Bun ball well traveled throughout the apartment).Act out before the submission of the child, do not forget to change the voice according to the character portrayed.Surely the kid he wants to participate in such an exciting process.Gradually, you will accumulate a lot of dolls and passed situations, and you can come up with something new.Ask your child what will happen next with the character, where it will go, it will all end?You can start with a fairy tale, and the other to finish.Since the children are older, you can prepare a real family show, where the characters are dolls (eg, reborn - surprisingly realistic doll mladdenets) or even dressed people.

designers and mosaic

remarkable imagination develop a variety of designers and mosaic.They can be bought at the store or make your own.For example, if your home has accumulated a lot of flat magnets (these are usually printed on the advertising of food products), try with your child to make of it an original magnetic constructor.Cut promotional magnets identical squares about the size of 2x2 cm, and half of these squares - triangles.Then paint the paste on top of them or colored paper, wrap adhesive tape, stick on the refrigerator - and an exciting experience you provided!


This is a great activity for the whole family.Enthusiasm for seniors encourages children to new achievements, and origami able to interest people of any age.Start with simple shapes, gradually moving on to more complex and coming up with something of their own.

Game "Crocodile┬╗

In this game there are many different names and variations, but the essence is always the same - the image of a familiar object or phenomenon without words.With its help, you can while away the long hours of road or expectations and, of course, develop imagination.Choose a theme, such as "pets", "bird", "utensils", "natural phenomena", "clothing".Let each of you (adults and children) to write on a piece of paper that he will represent.Then it turns indicate an impromptu mime and guess the rest.In this game you can even play together.Use themed cards or dominoes children to choose the subject portrayed.It is not necessary to guess - you can just ask the child to draw something or someone: the trolley and the moon in the sky, ice cream, protein, cow, dad or grandma.

Other games

In fact, the development of games for a lot of imagination, you can always find something interesting for themselves and their child.Here are some of them:

  • draw music ( includes music of various genres and ask the child to draw his association);
  • myunghayuzen (invent incredible stories with friends and family members, will lose the one who used to run out of imagination);
  • draw man (on a piece of paper put blots or arbitrary spot colors, and then try to turn them happy or sad men);
  • miracle Yudo (ask your child to draw an animal that does not exist in nature - flying hippo, crocodile fluffy);
  • laugh prohibited (tell each other in every possible way, to lose the first one to give up and zahohochet).
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