The child went to school

children entering the first grade, going through a special period - the so-called adaptation.Kid recently who went to kindergarten, breaking new ground for a social role, adapted to the new rules of conduct and becomes a new environment.Yesterday he played and slept as I wanted, and today you need to get up early, stick mode, and homework.For white bows, bright uniforms and fragrant bouquet should be a series of lessons, change, joys and sorrows.

from the ship to the ball

  • to transition to school life was not quite so sharp, it is necessary to prepare for a few days.At least for a week.
  • In the last days before the September 1 do not load the child's various activities and live entertainment.Moreover, it is not necessary to send the kid to school immediately after arrival to visit relatives or travel abroad.Let the child will have a few days free experience.
  • Try to adjust the mode of pre-school week to the features of schooling.That is, every day, put your baby an hour before he has to get used
    up, they say, "with the lark."
  • During this week, eliminate unnecessary load on the child, let him less watching TV and playing computer.Otherwise, the transition from entertainment to education will be unbearable.
  • course, do not scare all the first-grader: disgruntled teachers, challenging homework and daily sufferings in the classroom.Try not to discuss in the presence of the baby itself and the school teachers, especially the professional and personal qualities of a teacher.Going to school to be a welcome, a welcome development that wants to bring as soon as possible.
  • Play with her first-graders 'school' that he is free, enjoyable game form has mastered the main school rules: how to sit at the desk when you need to raise your hand, how to behave during the break, and so on. N.
  • Tell me baby onschool where he will learn.How many children will be in the classroom and in the school as teachers, classrooms - any information will be interesting for the future of the student and will form his sense of belonging, and even pride in their school.
  • shows him photos of their school life, and if preserved - even the old diaries and notebooks.Remember a few funny, funny moments associated with the lessons or classmates.
  • Go to school together, show room, where your child will be engaged, inspect the dining room, dressing room, an assembly hall.Most children unknown scares, and during a visit to the school, they will understand what the situation they face.During the tour, ask the child what school is like a kindergarten and what is different from it.If you want to tell me that there are similarities and differences.
  • Ask a future first-graders how it goes in different situations, for example, if it can not find a way to lose a class or package with a removable shoes.For adults, it all seems insignificant, but for kids is a real stressor.
  • possible, acquaint the child with future classmates and teacher.This informal conversation will reduce the emotional stress, combined with uncertainty.

first steps into the world

period of adaptation in school all children lasts differently.One week is sufficient, while others only being developed in 3-4 months.

baby's first days at school cause the greatest stress to the body a little, since the change of warm family relationships in the disciplining of school conditions sometimes very sharp.

That's why in the early days of schooling mom and dad must pay attention to the following points:

  • child important a good rest and peace: following the regime of the day and enforce discipline in the home fix the result of the impact of school.However, here there is a risk to drive the unhappy student with an iron fist, so do not overdo it.
  • follows the child: the tiniest change in his behavior may indicate existing problems.Among them - conflicts with classmates , misunderstanding with the teacher, fear of mistakes, lack of confidence and so forth. The difficulties at school say physical condition and symptoms: fatigue, headache, weakness complaints.
  • unobtrusively aiding the child in the testing and homework, to form the student a critical attitude to their work and the ability to self-control.
  • Do not ask the child's statistics, the main thing is not in school evaluation, and the process of acquiring new knowledge.Remember: many troechniki eventually became renowned scientists, doctors, painters.
  • praised and cheered their child: he needs the support of the parents, not the constant criticism.

your baby became a disciple, in his opinion, is quite "adult", but for you it will remain forever a child.Yes, raise the requirements for it, but do not love him less.

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