How to teach a child to the pot?

Determine readiness

Each child's readiness to move to the pot comes at different times.The most common signs of willingness to appear after a year:

1. The child understands why there is a pot and wondered why adults need a toilet.

2. Child shows irritation, in the case of embarrassment "by itself", it is unpleasant in the wet diapers or panties.

3. The child is able to stay dry until two o'clock.This means that the volume of the bladder increased and the child will be easier to control urination.

How to teach?

1. remove the diaper. and put on the child's underwear, explaining that from now on he would go to the toilet as an adult.Let your child feel the discomfort that occurs when it relieve themselves under him.

2. Do not force things. Encourage your child to the pot slowly.Let him get used to the innovation, do not insist, if the baby refuses to sit on the potty, bends and weeps.

3. Do not scold. At the initial stage of schooling must be prepared to miss.Do not scold the baby for an

other puddle on the floor, but just accentuate its attention to the fact that you need to relieve themselves in a pot.

4. Persuade. desirable in a playful way.Show your child how to sit on the potty doll.It is possible that the child also follow suit, after a while.

5. Offer. to eighteen months the child had produced a biological rhythm of the body.Knowing what time your child usually goes to the toilet, invites him to sit on the potty without waiting until he asks for it.

6. Be prepared to protest. Many children, potty training to a year and a half already reject it.For many parents, it becomes a real surprise.Do not be upset, and drag the child to a psychologist.Disclaimer - this is part of the process to accustom the baby to the pot.Sometimes the child may behave quite strange, such as deliberately writing in the pants in order to attract attention or to violate another rule.The more you get mad at the baby, the longer the process drags on habituation.Enlist patience, and long-awaited results will be available soon!

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