Treatment of scoliosis in children

As independently determine scoliosis

Put baby back to him, while asked him to stand as it is convenient.Carefully inspect his back and note the location of the shoulder relative to each other, blades, hand.When scoliosis one arm above the other, the angle of the blade sticks and hands clasped at the waist, may have a different distance to the waist.

the presence of scoliosis may be present all these distortions, as well as any one.

Treatment of scoliosis

When diagnosing I and II degree of scoliosis recommends conservative treatment.The first rule is considered to be the correct grade, vitamin-rich food.Then the organization of the mobile lifestyle, outdoor activities.

is very important - to arrange a berth a child, because it is different from the usual.The bed should be hard to achieve this, it placed a wooden shield.

The next point is the right fit at the table and desk.Furniture should strictly comply growth.The legs should not hang down and rest on the floor.

However, these measures are insufficient.It is necessary to use therapeutic exercises, and exercises should be carried out systematically.Therapeutic exercise is imperative.

Sometimes doctors may recommend wearing a corset.Corset made of gypsum, ie made a plaster cast, and it will make the corset according to the curves of the body of the child.The corset is used for a long time, but occasionally it should be changed to a new one.Despite the great inconvenience, this treatment is paying off.

In order to apply integrated treatment massage.

When diagnosing scoliosis I and II degree child of school age do restrictions on visiting physical education lessons.Children with scoliosis II degree granted full exemption from physical education classes.

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