Children's aggression

Anger - a way to defend their rights

little man, who until recently was completely dependent on you in a psychological sense, one realizes that he is - an individual with their needs and desires.It then appears another way of interacting with the world - anger.With the baby-like reactions unconsciously expresses his disappointment in a world that turns out to be not ready to give everything he wants.

sampled another child a toy, treat the refusal to buy mom, ignoring his needs a father who is too busy to notice kanyuchaschego child - all this first disappointment in a child's life, which he, of course, can not respond to sincere indignation.

Aggressiveness usually grows up to 7 years and then go into decline.The task of parents - to behave properly and to minimize the fixation of anger and irritability in the character of the child.If adults behave correctly wont show aggression disappears by itself.

reaction to the loneliness and alienation

different families often repeated the same situatio

n - the older the child at the time of "forget" that appears younger.A child who has previously paid as much time feels unnecessary, does not understand what he did wrong, and the resentment starts to look for the guilty, and ways to alleviate their condition.And pulled out a can pet, and toys, and peers.

redirection of aggression - a difficult thing, and you can not always understand what exactly caused this child's behavior.Therefore it is necessary often to talk with your child and do not lose sight of the first "bells" when a child begins to talk aloud, "You do not love me, and loved before" or "Mom, come play with me, why you all the time once?".


reverse situation - too much attention to the child when he feels himself master of the world and capricious whenever wants something, and in the event of failure of his desire to shout, cry, happy with tantrums and shows aggression.With such behavior must be fought at once, avoiding fixation pattern of manipulative behavior.

family in which one indulges caregiver of the child, and the other is trying to raise a healthy member of society, always causes a child's ambivalent feelings - he can not understand what is right and how to behave.Therefore, adults must agree among themselves on a single line education, but otherwise you should not be surprised that the baby grows unmanageable - in fact, it just feels trying to determine what is good and what is bad.

Taming of the Shrew

child shows aggression when he feels that it, as it seems, is not enough love him do not pay attention, do not understand it and do not want to understand.Therefore, it is important not to push him cry for help in a difficult moment, and gently persuade the child in his love, while demonstrating rigor.

In practice, it might look like this: you do not buy a child a toy, he got angry and hit you, then, instead of saying, "Okay, I'll buy it to you, but do not be angry" or "I will punish you" should sit downand talk with your child, "You're angry, and you hit me and I hurt a lot.Try not to do that anymore.Let's buy this toy at other times, you have a lot of toys. "So you show your child that you love him no matter what, but his aggression never be able to manipulate you.

you should make every effort to create the child's sense of security and confidence.Most tell him that he can, you are in it one hundred percent sure, and never compare your child with other children is a powerful blow to the self-esteem of the little man and the first reason to think that he is something worse than others.

objective reasons aggression

child may be angry, and if you feel unwell, fatigue, and if it is cold, it is crowded, uncomfortable and unpleasant odors from the loud sounds.It can cause irritation and tasteless food.But these reasons do not have to be valid, because the response to stimuli can be overly aggressive, but can - reasonable, restrained and "adult".

Teach your child to ask quietly to eliminate discomfort, and themselves always listen to him.Unheard during a conversation with a friend many times in desperation delivered a request may finally cause a strong reaction of anger.

Sow action - reap a habit, sow a habit - reap a character

very important time to teach a child to cope with his aggression.Children intuitively feel that anger is destructive, and try to find a solution on their own.But this is not always successful, and the child has to go in a simple way, and to give vent to irritation.

Use simple techniques for splashing children's aggression - Encourage your child to beat a pillow or tear 'leaf rage "- painted on paper with her monster.Teach your child to talk about their emotions with the words "Oh, I am so angry!" Or pronounce the "code" words meaning anger, but do not have a negative connotation.If the words are funny, aggression turns into an explosion of laughter.

good way to help your child deal with anger - to divert it to something interesting and constructive, redirecting emotions in a peaceful course.Shows the child how to deal with negative emotions themselves, deter, stay calm in any situation , and then he learns these qualities you have.

If aggression was manifested openly and clearly, be sure to punish the child via deny him sweets or toys.You must not anger, but firmly make it clear that bad to be aggressive and need to learn to deal with it within ourselves.

By the way, another good way to deal with aggression - to spend some time alone, to think, to experience emotions in yourself.Most often, the child becomes ashamed of his anger after a time spent alone.

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