Acquaint the child with her new man

reaction to the appearance of the child in your life beloved may be very different - from the banal to the child's jealousy of deep resentment and aggression.To avoid stress, do not rush things.The main principle of successful dating in this case - it gradually.

assess the seriousness of the relationship

not necessary to acquaint the child with each man, appears on the horizon of your personal life.Adequately assess the depth of feelings and the seriousness of intentions of your elect and his willingness to get acquainted with the child.

Prepare your child to get acquainted

In no case do not put the child's face the fact, saying that soon in his life will be a new dad.Start training from afar - tell us about your meeting with an interesting man, in the society of which you easily and comfortably.Try to interest the child in the future acquaintance, telling some amusing or interesting story about his choices, his enthusiasm and abilities.

Select neutral territory

Getting should not take place at home or you have a man.And in the first and in the second case, the child will not feel comfortable in the company of a stranger.It is best to choose a neutral territory and to organize joint leisure fun - going to the movies, walk in the park or a trip to the tour.Best of all, if the script is a joint holiday offer the child.

correctly imagine man

Take the time to tell the child the status of a new acquaintance.With the words "future husband" and "the new pope" will have to wait, perhaps for a long time.It is best to present the man as his friend, colleague, or at most, a good friend.

Behave most naturally

Children are very thin feel the emotional state of the adults.Seeing that the company's new friend Mom comfortable and fun, baby will get used to it.It is not necessary during a joint walk to turn a man into a children's entertainers - the child's trust is won not gifts and entertainment, and a kind and sincere attitude.

listen to the opinion of the child

After several meetings necessarily ask what impression on your beloved child.Thus, you show your child that his opinion is extremely important to you.It is possible that children's experiences help you to look at the chosen one on the other side, because not always negative traits, noticed the child, are the result of sibling rivalry.Guided by cold reason, think again - whether the new choice be a good baby daddy , and you - a worthy husband?

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