Many young mothers, especially if they have mentors as grandmothers and aunts take care of the baby, as they say, by intuition.Indeed, maternal instinct controls the actions of the mother, but this is not enough.

Let's look at some aspects that relate to the primary care of the baby.

Grow Big!

For starters let's talk about food. baby 1 month life especially in need of breast milk.Within 20 minutes after the birth of the baby, try to attach to her breast, for this is for him a signal that he is alive and that he had to eat.Help him to take the breast properly.Most young mothers believe that he can do it instinctively, but he's never been to breastfeed.He trained in the correct sucking for two to three weeks, although in the future, you have to watch how he does it.

nursing , who had just been born, comes to breastfeeding.It is important to follow certain rules.

  • Offer baby the breast for the first time more often than it needs to establish a process of feeding.

  • not be avoided the night "meals": the night is better produced prolactin - the hormone responsible for lactation.

  • can not forcibly take the baby from the breast and giving pacifiers instead.

Spoon for mom

4-6 months baby will be enough only to mother's milk.However, at a certain stage menu infant need to diversify lures.Normally, healthy babies this time accounts for 5-6 months: the digestive system work harder and the body begins to produce their own enzymes that can digest the new food.

What should eat the baby during this period?As much as he wants.In this case, the main thing - peace of mind and patience, because the baby may refuse everything.Give him an example: show that it is very tasty mashed potatoes, eat a spoonful of themselves first, and then if the baby would be interesting to try and give him.

When food is no joy

Often mothers are faced with a problem like food allergies in the baby.Main symptoms: excessive dryness or wetting the skin and various rashes on the body.This allergy is called the "diathesis".Other allergic reactions - regurgitation or vomiting, upset stool, bloating, intestinal cramps, abdominal pain and other intestinal problems.

Why rash in an infant?Perhaps you simply overfed grudnichka.Almost any food is at risk.Remember among allergens include cow's milk, doctors, chocolate, eggs, seafood, fish, nuts, mushrooms, fruits and vegetables red or orange, honey and soy.

Be Healthy!

Every mother wants her baby to grow up healthy.However, in the early years of the disease can not escape.Especially hard it passes treatment of infants : first treatment of cough, the child "hoots" so that the young mother is scary.Meanwhile, do not be afraid, it's a natural way of removing accumulated mucus from the upper respiratory tract and chest.

If the cough snot and an infant are ongoing, and the cough gradually becomes even shortness of breath, seek medical attention.

Sleep, my joy

In the first months of a very important role not only feeding the baby, but the baby healthy sleep .Only here the child often tossing and turning in his sleep?He wakes up and cries?Sensitive to any noise?When baby sleeps poorly , I can not sleep, and my mother.

Restless sleep is a consequence of a number of reasons.

  • baby is hungry;

  • it is hot;

  • his torment gases;

  • his defeated sudamen (skin irritation, which appeared as a result of sweating and lack of intensive evaporation of sweat);

  • begin teething.

you ready, kids?Yes captain!

Another important point - bathing baby .Note the sequence of steps - the procedure is simple.

Before bathing wash tub with soap and water and pour over boiling water over it.The water temperature measured by a special thermometer that you can find in any children's store.Enter the amount of water so that it covered the body of your child.Plunging into the water, keep the head and the back of his left hand, and lower torso - Right.Gently lather baby, holding it in his left armpit.After the bath, wrap a clean sheet in a warm man, and in any case, do not rub the skin with a towel.

Prior year kiddies missing 5 minutes of water treatments.Each subsequent year of life, the "free navigation" should be increased twice.

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