Preventing colds in children

Autumn - the most favorable time for the prevention of acute respiratory infections and colds.The abundance of fruits and vegetables allows you to stock up on vitamins for the future, and the serene days of Indian summer for a long walk in the fresh air.


to the present cold weather is still far away, so try to spend every warm day with the maximum benefit for the baby.Try to walk for two hours in the afternoon and evening.Particularly important in autumn to "catch the sun" - in fact under its rays there is a development of vitamin D, needed to prevent rickets and strengthen the immune system.

But do not forget about the impermanence of autumn weather - collecting the child for a walk, be sure to grab a hat and jacket.


Key to successful hardening - very gradual, slow decline in temperature and regularity of procedures.Let your child for some time to go home in his socks, then - barefoot.After bathing, spray the legs of the baby water, gradually, day after day, reducing its te

mperature to room temperature.Adapted to the cool waters of the kids can be familiar with pouring and sponging the entire body (used for these procedures, the water should be just a few degrees cooler than bath).

vitamin drinks

extremely useful for prevention of colds teas are rich in vitamin C:

Lemon - grind lemon (with peel) and mix with sugar.Add one spoon in a glass of tea.

Dog rose - crush dried berries rose hips.Five tablespoons of the resulting powder, pour a glass of water, bring to a boil, let it brew for 10 minutes.Take half a cup a day.

Raspberry (currant) - grind fresh berries with sugar (store in refrigerator).Brew as a separate drink or added to tea.


Ask your GP about vaccinations.Some of them (against influenza, Haemophilus influenzae, sore throat, and meningococcus) are not included in the list of mandatory and should be made by their parents.In the absence of contraindications additional vaccination is especially recommended for kids attending kindergartens.

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