Seborrheic crust babies


seborrheic crust are yellowish or whitish translucent formation on the scalp, resembling sticky dandruff.This cosmetic problem can be either congenital or acquired.Her reason - increased secretion of the sebaceous glands.It can trigger a number of factors.

Some moms are trying harder to wrap up his crumbs, without removing them from the bonnet even at home.Such warming may trigger the formation of seborrheic scabs, because overheating - natural cause increased secretion of sebaceous glands.

Daily water treatments is definitely useful for crumbs, but do not wash your hair every day with baby shampoo or soap - over-drying the skin can also cause the formation of crusts.Wash your hair with the use of children's cosmetics (fragrance free and dye) is recommended 1-2 times a week.

active growth seborrheic scabs in an infant may be caused by malnutrition or an allergic reaction to certain foods.Talk to your pediatrician toddler diet.

Getting rid

Pediatricians recommend not to clean off the c

rust with a fingernail or a comb - it can provoke irritation or even damage the skin.The microscopic cracks after removing crusts can get infected.

Get rid of seborrheic scabs quite simple: for this you need a comb for children with frequent blunt teeth and moisturizer - baby oil, cream or plain petroleum jelly.

about two hours before bathing lubricate the crust moisturizer and put on the head of the baby cotton cap - the application of heat means better impregnate the crust and soften them.In addition, the cap will eliminate any oil or cream in the eyes.

immediately before bathing massage problem areas on the head with a soft silicone brush.You can wash your hair with regular shampoo or baby soap, but it is better to use special tools to remove seborrheic scabs.These lines are in children's cosmetics and Biolane Mustela.My baby's head, do not forget to gently massage the problematic areas with fingertips.Thoroughly rinse the baby's head with clean water and blot with a towel.

If after swimming kept crisp, neatly scheshite their comb, then comb hair baby soft baby brush in different directions.

Do not expect seborrheic crust disappear at once.For their complete removal may require more than one such procedure.

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