Baby cream

Depending on the composition, properties and effects on the skin, baby creams are divided into:

  • universal - this is a classic children's cream with triple-function moisturizing + food + mitigation.This cream is perfect if your baby does not need special care and has no problems with the skin;
  • moisturizing - such creams suitable for kiddies with dry and sensitive skin that reacts redness and irritation, especially after bathing.Cream moisturizing ingredients remarkably regenerates the skin and protects it from drying.It is composed of chamomile is often present;
  • protective - usually a seasonal creams, which are intended to protect the baby's skin from wind, frost and sun.They are used in the period from October to April to avoid frostbite and hypothermia.As a rule, the composition of such creams includes various oil or goose fat mink, considered the best means of protection during the cold season;
  • creams for diaper - have antimicrobial action, remarkably eliminate chafing and irritation on
    delicate baby skin.As part - calendula, series and zinc oxide - the best anti-inflammatory ingredients that do not cause allergies;
  • anti-inflammatory creams - reduce allergy and remove small lesions on the skin, often contain wheat germ oil - excellent softener for baby's skin, as well as a variety of vitamins A, D, E or F;
  • sun creams for children - they have a very high protection factor against UVA and UVB rays, from about 50 to 100. This is because the skin is much more susceptible to the kids the destructive influence of the sun and burns, such creams can be used even with adultssensitive skin;
  • cream against mosquito bites and insect - usually as repellents (Insect Repeller) uses natural oils of lemon and cloves, which are non-toxic, no harm to the child, but it effectively protect against insect attack during a walk on a summer evening inpark or in the woods.
purchasing cream for your baby, be sure to refer to the manufacturer, do not buy the creams on the market or with the hands, as well as pay attention to the expiration date.It will save you and your baby from the hassle associated with allergies and skin irritation.
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