Child Safety on the Internet

1. Location of the computer in the house

In no case do not put the computer in a child's room, where the baby can safely shut down and do whatever he wants.Each of us has a right to personal space, but this is not the case, because safety is paramount.Place the computer in the living room so that anyone could look at what is happening on the screen.The likelihood that your child will want to look for something ill, is considerably reduced.Also, do not allow your child to use a computer whenever he wants it.Select for this purpose a couple of hours in the evening, when all the houses, then he will have time for other activities.

2. Talk with the children

This is an important rule applies not only to security in the network, but also all other aspects of a child's life.Just as you teach him the right to cross the road or use a gas stove, tell your child about the dangers it on the Internet.He did not go after the strange man who the street beckoned him candy?Similarly, you should not communicate

with strangers on various sites, it is better to report such cases, parents.Explain to your child what is "password" or why you can not tell anyone.Tell us, how important it is not specified anywhere personal information, such as cell phone numbers or addresses.This would be nice if random people from the network will come to visit for real and without an invitation?Even preschoolers can understand it if you find the right words.Gently ask your child what he normally deals with the network, and in the event of a misunderstanding at this point pay more attention.

3. Check your browsing history

This advice may seem wrong to someone, but remember that a child's safety above all else.Nobody is forcing you to read the correspondence, simply jog around in the list of visited pages per day, and if there is something you are alert, have a closer check.Children are not always able to distinguish good from bad, and your job is to teach them to do it.So, if your daughter thirteen puts in a social network your photos in lingerie, not necessarily forbid her to do it categorically, it is so you just alienate her from herself.Just tell us about the consequences of how these girls members of the opposite sex.Good boy like that can only repel, while those with bad intentions can take it as a signal for action.Also think about what you're doing wrong, what gaps in education need to fill, where the teenager to pay more attention.If you make the right conclusions, the page of your child's social network will help you to maintain a relationship of trust with him.

4. Computer programs to help you

Install the program on your home computer for tracking the activities of other users, and your email will be receiving letters with reports.It is very convenient and allows you to control the actions of the child anonymously on the Internet.In addition, select one of the programs to protect users from the pop-up banners and visiting suspicious sites, because their contents may not be desirable for a child's psyche.

5. Watch for a

Try do not do what you forbid your children.Look for interesting activities in addition to the walk across the expanses of the Internet, involve them children, spend time together, but not everyone at your computer.

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