How to wean a child from the breast

smooth transition

If possible, try to gradually take away the child from the breast.The optimal age of weaning the baby from the breast is considered to be 2 years, so until that time it is possible to keep feeding 1-2 a day.

weaning process actually begins with the start of feeding in 4-6 months and gradually completed over the next 6-18 months, depending on the condition of mother and child.The best and most natural is to continue breastfeeding for as long as the child will not be ready to go to feeding from a cup.Typically, most children 9-12 months of age is not so in need of breast milk.My mothers breast becomes not so much a physiological as psychological need.Children at this age are often distracted during suckling, tend to play with my mom.It is, rather, a way to communicate with her mother, the desire to feel safe and warm.So, sooner or later, as they grow and learn new skills and abilities, the baby will gradually lose interest in breastfeeding.

If you decide to speed up the process,

then proceed as follows:

  • First we need to skip one feeding a day.
  • 2-3 days can be replaced by another breast-feeding and pacifier use instead.
  • So, gradually, every 2-4 days may be reduced to one more breast feeding.

Regarding the state of mothers during weaning, when the withdrawal is carried out gradually, pain in the chest usually does not arise.

Emergency weaning

Sometimes the circumstances are such that have to take the child from the breast immediately.For example, you are sick or you need to leave urgently.Then you must win and stop giving breast milk has definitively.Usually within 2-3 days Milk burns, swelling subsides and the pain in his chest completely passes.

Some mothers have resorted to a little trick - the chest smeared with something tasteless (mustard, for example) and try to give the baby.Couples times it is enough that the child knew that the mother's milk is not so sweet and pleasant to taste as before, and ceased to take an interest in his chest.If you have resorted to urgent weaning, it is desirable to try to hide under the chest closed clothing to once again not to entice children.

Play with your child in fun games, read books, dance, pay as much attention.Your love and affection will help him to pass the stage of "farewell to mother's milk," quickly and painlessly.

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