The child does not want to learn

Classes may be perceived child negatively, because to him, or impose certain requirements a child that something is impossible.Maybe the teacher did not find an individual approach to it or does not have the patience and delicacy.The child may perceive such a strict teacher as an evil man, and will accordingly respond to questions.

Many parents believe that a child should be treated severely, and think that this discipline and it will cause the desire for knowledge.In fact, any punishment the child perceives as his own impotence, he convinces himself that enough talented and smart.Sooner or later there comes a time that he disappears any desire to learn.

Sometimes the child does not want to learn, because it is something not - support him, help him to believe in themselves and overcome their fears.Talk with your child.Try to find out what gives him discomfort.If the child does not want to learn because the teacher, will be examined in the situation, perhaps the teacher is really strict with the child

for no reason.Do not regret your time and visit the school to find out what the atmosphere is your child.

Maybe your child does not want to learn, because it is difficult to get used to a new team, this difficulty in communicating with peers.Sociability children quickly find their friends and closed the child is to be alone.

What to do if the child does not want to learn?

baby to be easier to try to create a good atmosphere at home.Family quarrels and scandals, as you know, are not conducive to the formation of positive attitude of the child, because he is in this situation often blames himself.A consequence could be isolation, overly aggressive or just giving up his studies.Therefore, parents must first establish the relationship in the family.

main task of the parents - to try to form in your child's confidence in himself and his abilities.Discuss with them the different situations of life, possibly leading examples of life experiences that the child realized that all people fall into difficulties, and there is nothing to worry about.Always tell your child that he will succeed, but do not force it, and does not impose excessive expectations.

Encourage your child to independence , let him choose their own films, books, things for themselves.Develop a child's self-confidence, asking his opinion on different occasions.And do not forget about his actions, which serve as an example for your children.

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