Runny nose in an infant

first months of life the infant, colds in children are very rare, and if there are, they usually have been mild.But sometimes the child appear snot, and many mothers regret that can not be blown out his nose. Snot an infant - is one of the major causes for concern parents, because kids can not breathe through the mouth.It is very concerned about the child, especially during feeding: breastfeed the baby in such a situation is impossible, and sometimes he can opt out of the meal.

Many mothers do not know, how to treat a runny nose in an infant .Here are some tips:

First, you need to release the nose from secretions by special suction for mucus.They should be designed specifically for babies.Then you need to drip nose drops that may be prescribed by the doctor.If the nozzle in an infant or a runny nose are very strong, they have to be used before feeding.Nasal drops should be used only after consultation and prescribed by a doctor, not more often than every 4 hours.You should not use them for

more than six, seven days.

Good help wash nose drops: it can be saline, "akvamaris."Many believe that it is possible to drip breast milk, as it is there are protective substances that support the immune system.But not everyone knows that this is still a great environment for the development of micro-organisms, respectively, it can aggravate the situation.For instillation, exactly the same as saline, an infusion can be used herbs such as marigold and yarrow.To do this, one teaspoon collection pour a glass of boiling water is necessary.But chamomile rinse nose kid is not worth it, because it dries the mucous membrane and does not contribute to liquefaction of thick mucus.

snot When an infant is necessary to maintain the humidity in the nose.At home, it is desirable to ventilate and maintain humidity.Sometimes, the lack of humidity in the room may cause nasal congestion.Humidity helps soothe inflamed mucous membranes of the nasopharynx.You can buy a humidifier or simply place the saucer with water.The water can be added oils.

rhinitis in baby causes great discomfort, especially if it is accompanied by more and cough .Therefore, it is not necessary to delay their treatment.In addition to washing the nozzle must be used for warming up ointment heels kid and nostrils."Vitaon", "Doctor Mom", marigold and many others can be purchased at the pharmacy.

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