Baby 1 month

Hormone rash (acne, or neonatal)

If on the face (sometimes the head and neck) 1 month baby were small white pimples, do not rush to diagnose "allergy" and sit on a rigid diet.The cause of acne newborns - hormonal changes the body.Usually it does not require any treatment, and extends to the 2-3 months.But to know for sure, talk to your pediatrician.


If your baby is crying heavily, while compressing the legs to the stomach, it can be confusing for colic.1 month baby just learning to accept and digest the nutrients, so some of the problems in the work of his body perfectly normal.For ease colic, there are special preparations.From home remedies useful abdominal massage clockwise attachment heated iron diapers, sleeping with my mother, "belly to belly".

Loose stools

Normally chair grudnichka - thin, bright yellow, often with white patches.His bowels emptied at least 3-4 times a day.But do not panic in case of a foam or a rare chair, as well as the appearance of a green hue.If in addit

ion to the change of the chair and the child's behavior has changed, it is necessary to consult a doctor.


baby 1 month of life often vomits?This is due to its physiological characteristics, and usually goes away within the first year of life.Up to 67% of children under the age of 4 months regurgitate at least once a day.Should consult a doctor when regurgitations intense, high-volume, occur after each feeding of concern child and lead to weight loss.

What are the challenges you had to face whatever, remember that children are extremely sensitive to the psychological state of the parents and, therefore, the most important thing - it's peace of mind, self-confidence and patience.

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