Bathing baby

Bathe your baby can begin healing after his umbilical wound.Prior to this, it is necessary to carry out sponging with warm water, paying attention to every crease on the body.As a rule, 5-6 day, you can spend first swimming.


optimal water temperature when bathing infant about 36-37 degrees, ie,equal to the temperature of the body - the most comfortable for the baby bath.You can check this by using a special thermometer, or his mother's elbow: elbow is lowered into the water, you should not feel no heat, no cold.The water can be added to the broth chamomile or series that have antiseptic and soothing effect, which contributes to the rapid fall asleep baby after the evening water treatment.

Bathing baby can be performed in a large bath, pre-washed baby means soda and boiling water or in the children's bath plastic anatomical shape.Prepare a jug of water temperature 1-2 degrees cooler than the water in the bathtub.She will you rinse baby after the main bathing.

How to bathe a baby?

first immerse the baby in the water should be gradual: first drop in the water his feet, and then all the crumbs, gently holding one hand under his head, and the other supports the body.The baby's nose and mouth must not fall into the water.Water in the ears is safe for infants.

Bathing baby should be carried out with a special children's soap.Lather his hand, and then wipe it all part of the baby's body, all his wrinkles.Soap flush immediately with water.The first bathing should be no more than 7-8 minutes, increasing the interval as they mature kid.

After bathing, pour over the child with clean water from the prepared jar, wrap in a towel and take it on the changing table where you need to wet the baby's skin with a towel, brush with cream and dress your baby according to the temperature conditions.


When bathing baby necessary to ensure that the house was no draft.Ventilate the room in advance, and then close the window.In no case did not turn on the air conditioning: a high risk of catching cold baby.

not perform bathing immediately after feeding, the interval between eating and bathing should be 1-2 hours before and after the procedure.

Make sure the child's bath set on a solid support, and on the tiled floor is no water, so you do not slipped.Long nails and a ring on his hand - the extra elements, it is better to remove them during bathing baby , so as not to hurt him.

If your baby is crying at the time of contact with water, do not worry, maybe he needs a little more time to get used to.Stay calm, talk to child soothing, gentle voice, and eventually bathing become for him a real pleasure!

Also remember that you can from an early age tempered child , it will significantly increase its immunity.But everything must be gradually!

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