Feeding the baby

Why talking about mothers, if the topic directly concerns food of the kid?Quite simply, the mother usually becomes the main source of food for the baby the first few months of his life, namely her breasts and milk that they produce.

Breastfeeding is the main channel for the major vitamins that "build brick by brick" the immune system a little man, not to mention the fact that for him, this method is safest, and for parents to be honest, a huge saving moneymeans.Therefore, the equation that offers to calculate the above topic, it appears, is solved very simply: menus baby moms equals menu.After all, in fact, the mother's milk for the baby - it's the first, and second and compote, why pediatricians are often advised not to give the baby water or anything else, until it is breastfed.

What to eat while breastfeeding?

All is very simple, without any frills and fads.You just have to eat a hearty meal, namely: cereals, potatoes, dietary meat, all cooked legumes except cabbage, mushrooms, garlic and

onions.They can cause colic in the child and the allergy.

Of fruit you can eat bananas, apples and pears.Citrus and exotic items on the similarity of mango, kiwi and others better exclude from your diet in a given period of time.

sweet chocolate will have to forget about the very high-calorie and sweet bakery products, but diabetic shelves of grocery stores of the country is completely at your disposal.

Milk is also not recommended to drink during breastfeeding .Yes, yes, you do not "heard right."At the time of feeding the baby like a good woman Burenka, in the best sense of the word.And in the words of Victor Hugo: "Cows do not drink milk," and therefore you should exclude from the menu infant this product.However, other fermented milk products, yogurts, Varentsov, sour cream, yogurt, etc., You can safely "show green light" on the way to your stomach.They are well affect the intestinal microflora and digestive process in general, which contributes to a healthy diet and good sleep your baby.

Another typical question - how much should eat baby?

first month for new parents, especially mothers - is a real school of survival.By following these simple rules, you will ensure yourself and your baby a peaceful sleep, a great feeling.

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