Domestic preparations for the winter: sauerkraut with apples

Sauerkraut with apples: a recipe

workpiece sauerkraut with apples need the following ingredients:

  • 10 kg of cabbage;
  • 0,5 kg of apples;
  • 200 grams of salt;
  • 20g dill.

Recipe for

To sauerkraut with apples get a beautiful color and delicious is not darkened, it should be remembered that the leaven can not use iodized salt.

sour apples must be selected and hard (for example, perfect grade "Antonovka").It is necessary to wash them thoroughly and remove all the peel.Cut into large pieces, thus removing the core.

Next, you need to prepare cabbage: to begin to separate all the upper spoiled cabbage leaves.Further, it should chop, add salt, dill and mash well with your hands until not begin an intensive selection of cabbage juice.Then mix well with cabbage apple slices.Then it is necessary to shift the cabbage with apples in a specially harvested container.

For better leaven recommended carpet bottom of the tank cabbage leaves.Putting the cabbage into the vessel, its ea

ch layer must be carefully compacted.Top cabbage cover anything (eg, a plate) and put a load on it.After 24 hours on the plate should appear juice.Put a container of cabbage in a warm place.

to sauerkraut with apples was juicy, crispy and delicious, you need every 2 days, while it is in the process of ferment, poke it with a sharp stick.An important condition - to monitor the level of brine in the tank: it is necessary to always cover the upper cabbage leaves.If the water flows from the top container, it is necessary to remove excess liquid.

Once the cabbage has settled a bit, you must change the load and put less weight.Always ready sauerkraut with apples comes to the 20 day of the leaven.Brine had finished cabbage becomes unclear yellow hue, moderately sweet and salty taste.

pickled cabbage with apples and carrots

Another option ferment cabbage - with the addition of apples and carrots.Preparation for this recipe has no significant differences from the previous recipe.The main feature is that you need to grate carrots and mix it with apple and cabbage.The rest of the process is the leaven runs along the same lines.

There are many different recipes blank sauerkraut: Georgian, with beets, rye bread without salt, spicy and many others.In such a variety, any housewife can easily select the most delicious recipe for sauerkraut and will delight the whole family.The main thing is not to be lazy, because winter is just around the corner!

cabbage with apples is better to cook in a large container - a barrel, enameled or plastic tank, and then lay on the banks.If you prefer just to make sour cabbage banks , we offer you the other recipes.

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