Homemade sea buckthorn oil: preparing yourself

buckthorn oil contains a large number of substances, vitamins and minerals that are useful for our body.According to its medicinal properties and qualities, it surpasses even the most expensive medical preparations.Therefore, a bottle of sea buckthorn oil must always be in every home medicine cabinet.

True, buying it at a pharmacy, it should be noted that it is unlikely you can buy really natural and pure product.Therefore, if you are not lazy, cook home sea buckthorn oil own.And we, the editors WomanOnly, tell you about the different recipe for this health-improving product.

Homemade sea buckthorn oil: the recipe number 1

This is the easiest recipe.

1. Fresh fruits buckthorn should be thoroughly rinsed and put to dry in the pre-prepared for this paper.After drying, the berries of which need to squeeze all the juice.You can use the juicer or do it by using a conventional wooden mortar.In the second case, the resulting juice is necessary to strain through cheesecloth.

2. sea buckthorn juice

should be poured into a glass container and place it on the day in a dark place.

3. Upon expiration on the surface of the juice of sea buckthorn will currently domestic sea buckthorn oil , which differs from the purchased lighter color and more concentrated oily base. It must be carefully collected with a spoon or a pipette, and then pour into a glass bottle and close the lid tight. Store sea buckthorn oil best refrigerate e . Sea Buckthorn Oil, manufactured by prescription number 1 choice for home masks facials.

Homemade sea buckthorn oil: the recipe number 2

For this recipe, besides the fresh sea buckthorn berries on you shall need one of refined vegetable oils: olive, soybean, sunflower or corn.

1. Wash buckthorn berries, place them in the oven and turn on low heat.The fruit must be thoroughly dry and hard.Do not forget to ensure that your berries are not scorched.

2. Then fruits need put s in a coffee grinder have and finely grind to a state flour. then resulting mass placed in a glass container and completely fill warm oil.

3. mixture is stirred, the bank's tight-fitting lid and placed a week in a dark place. Remember every day shake the jar!

4. Next domestic sea buckthorn oil need to strain through cheesecloth or a sieve, and again put it in a dark place.Hold until , until the bottom of the glass containers will not precipitate and oil not clear.

Sea Buckthorn Oil, manufactured by prescription number 2, suitable for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes for external and internal use.

Homemade sea buckthorn oil: the prescription number 3

Prepared for this recipe sea buckthorn oil is suitable for use in cosmetics and medical consumable.

1. Take 4 tbsp.seabuckthorn fruit and 500 g of crude oil - suitable sunflower or olive oil.

2. Put berries on 5 days in the freezer. Then start slowly thawed, first moving them out of the freezer compartment of the refrigerator to normal.Then pull out and continue to defrost, but even at room temperature.

3. thawed berries, rinse with water and squeeze out the juice from them. Strain juice and pour it into a glass capacity .By place container in the refrigerator.A buckthorn pomace dry .

4. Choose from a dry cake seed and grind them into flour. sea buckthorn flour, butter and juice with stir together , n erelozhite in a saucepan and cover with lid. Hold on a water bath 3 hours.

5. Place the pot for 3 days in a dark place.

6. Remove from the surface layer of the resulting oil and put it in a bottle.

collect sea buckthorn oil can be every 3 days with the pan continues to stand in his place.You can make a collection of 3-4.

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