When you want sharp little: pickled cabbage in Korean

Pickled cabbage in Korean cooking simple, tasty there

Calories in pickled cabbage quite a bit, and can be savored, even those who are on a diet.True, there is one "but": it is quite spicy dish and spicy dishes are known to awaken the appetite.But if you add a little less red hot peppers when cooking, the pickled cabbage Korean will still be delicious.

To prepare a common approach or Peking cabbage.Besides cabbage need garlic, black pepper, red hot pepper (fresh or dry), salt, vinegar, sugar, water and vegetable oil.The approximate ratio of products is as follows: 5 kg of cabbage go 0.5 kg of salt, 250 grams of garlic, 1 tbsp.l.ground red chili pepper, 2 tbsp.l.sugar, 1/2 Art. 5% vinegar, 1/2 Art.water and 1/2 Art.sunflower oil.You need to prepare as enamel or glass container and oppression as pickled cabbage in Korean have to stand up under the weight of a couple of days.

Cabbage should be cut.Some head cut into large pieces and dismantle them, others prefer to use the shre

dder and marinate thinly sliced ​​cabbage - a matter of taste.Sliced ​​cabbage to rub lightly with salt, so that it has taken a little juice and become softer.While the juice is released, it's time to prepare the marinade: bring to boil a mixture of water, vinegar, sugar and remaining salt.

marinade ready to boil?Excellent.Add the shredded cabbage juice originating in any convenient way garlic, red and black pepper.All mix well and pour the boiling marinade.Now, the cabbage should be left under the weight of 2-3 days.

Pickled cabbage in Korean ready.

to pickled cabbage in Korean acquired a beautiful color, you can add a spoonful of curry marinade or a little beet juice, and then the finished dish will be bright yellow or pink.On the festive table looked very interesting salad, in which the yellow, pink and white cabbage and decorated with mixed greens.

How to make pickled cabbage in Korean in a couple of hours, read an article on quick marinating cabbage.

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