How to make sour cabbage banks: recipes with proportions

How to make sour cabbage with banks: the recipe number 1

There are many ways preparing sauerkraut. We want to tell you, how to make sour cabbage with banks. This method of cooking cabbage is relatively simple, so even novice mistress with him cope.

For preparing snacks, many are advised to use the cabbage of late varieties.The main thing is that it is undamaged and not marred by frost.Kvas cabbage and carrots, and without it.

My podvyavshie cabbage and remove outer leaves, shinkuem;carrots take 2-3 times less than the cabbage, rub it on a coarse grater and add to the cabbage.At 1 bucket of cabbage with carrots need 2 tablespoonssalt and 1 tablespoonsugar.Well Mnemonic cabbage that she gave the juice and put in clean glass jars as tightly as possible.

bet pot with cabbage in a warm place for fermentation.From cans can pour the cabbage juice, so it is advisable to put them under any bowl.The juice of this throw is not necessary, then it will need to be refilled back into the banks - cabbage shoul

d be completely covered with brine.Every day cabbage needle puncture to the bottom of it to the gases.Gradually cease to boil cabbage and settles, then close the jar and blow cabbages in a cool place to halt the fermentation process.

If you want to tint the cabbage beet, cabbage recipe, try Georgian .It is not forbidden booze it in banks in the manner specified above.

How to make sour cabbage banks: Recipe number 2

following ingredients will be enough for a 3-liter cans of sauerkraut.This recipe is that, how to make sour cabbage banks , is ideally suited to urban residents who do not have the habit to cook bins full of canned for the winter.Here we will make sour cabbage banks, using brine.This method is faster, more economical in terms of space (which is very important for the residents of small urban apartments) and easier than most recipes for sauerkraut.

on 1 head of cabbage, we need 2-3 carrots, salt and sugar - 1 tbsp.l.with a slide, and 1 liter of drinking water.

clean and my cabbage, thin green upper leaves removed.Remove the stalks from inside and shinkuem cabbage.Carrots are clean and rub on a coarse grater.Mix the cabbage and carrots and rammed into the jar tightly-tightly sealing the hand tolkushkoy or rolling pin for the test.

now prepare the brine.Take water, add salt and sugar, put on the fire until completely dissolved.Let cool to room temperature, brine and pour them cabbage.Put the jar in a warm place cabbage, substituting for her bowl of effluent brine.Nakryaem cabbage cover glass or a small saucer.

3 days, our cauliflower is kvass.After 3 days, you can eat cabbage (by the way, there are more quick recipes sauerkraut ).

Keep the cabbage should be in the refrigerator or a cold cellar, and serve with vegetable oil and herbs.

particularly original recipe - sauerkraut with tomatoes.It is useful hostess when cooking borscht.

Sauerkraut goes well with boiled potatoes, well out of it is very convenient to cook Bigus or added to soup.Sauerkraut juice can be used for cosmetic purposes, such as swelling and bags under the eyes can make gadgets of gauze, folded several times and soaked in the juice of sauerkraut.

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