Fast salted cabbage: preparing for an hour

Solim hour

traditional way of pickling cabbage simple.But until the cabbage in its own juice prosolitsya, you need to wait a few days. Fast salted cabbage will be ready in an hour.To prepare this simple and delicious snacks require simple brine.But first, prepare the vegetables.

you need:

  • 2 kg of cabbage;
  • 2 carrots;
  • 5-6 cloves of garlic.

cabbage finely chop, chop the garlic plastics, carrot rub on a grater for Korean carrot or the usual coarse grater.To make the dish more elegant, you can cut the carrots into thin slices.Optionally, you can add them to a salad with 1 or 2 chopped sweet peppers. Fast salted cabbage Pepper gets unusual piquancy.

Brine for quick salted cabbage:

  • 1 liter of water;
  • 2 tbsp.l.heaped coarse salt;
  • 100 g of sugar;
  • 200 grams of vegetable oil;
  • 100 g of vinegar and 2 tbsp.l.vinegar.

Boil water, dissolve it in salt and sugar.Be sure to try the brine - maybe you want to add salt.You can add a sweet pepper and bay leaf.When the

brine boil, pour vinegar and remove from heat.Add the butter, stir and pour the hot brine, vegetables, pre-arranged in a 3-liter jar.Leave cabbage at room temperature.When the Bank has cooled down, move it to the refrigerator.

An hour later, you can remove the first sample.Cabbage should be crispy, salty and spicy.Ready fast salted cabbage should be stored in the refrigerator for no longer than 2 weeks.For serving it does not need to fill, but you can add a little onion or fresh herbs.You can use this for a cabbage salad and other dishes.

Fast salted cabbage this recipe will compete with traditional Korean salads.You can give it the oriental flavor, if you add in the brine tablespoon ground coriander and red pepper to taste.

salted cabbage without vinegar

As you can see, all genius is simple, and you can pickle cabbage in just 20 minutes of work.If you do not want to use vinegar, oil and remove it from the recipe.The waiting time will have to be increased up to 2 days, but you get the traditional sauerkraut.

Our ancestors salted cabbage under the oppression.Shredded cabbage were placed in a pot, pour the grated carrots, salt and dill seeds.On top put an inverted bowl and put pressure on it (jar of water).So salted cabbage at least 2 days in advance, but store it in the refrigerator, you can almost until the spring.

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