How to pickle cabbage in winter: traditional and modern recipes

How to pickle cabbage for the winter in a barrel

According to the masters of the culinary business, the most delicious kale is obtained by pickling in a barrel.To cabbage came out delicious and not spoil the barrel thoroughly before salting process.In the southern part of Russia for the disinfection of garlic and herbs used in some regions - juniper.In any case, if you decide to salt the cabbage in a barrel, do not forget how to treat the barrel.To begin, wash the barrel, then pour over boiling water it can be several times.

Disinfection at salinity - an important point that should not be overlooked, because the quality of disinfection depends on the safety of sprouts.Perhaps the taste of cabbage, salted in a barrel, due not only to the special conditions of storage, but the feeling that you try a dish cooked according to an old recipe, communion to some culinary secrets.

To salt the cabbage is recommended on the growing moon: it is believed that because it will be more firm and crisp.For the salt

ing is better to choose late varieties as early differ in their porosity and contain a lot of sugar.

In urban environments it is more convenient to pickle cabbage to pickle in a glass container, rather than barrels (although in this case more difficult to pickle cabbage quarters or large chunks ).It should be remembered that for the disinfection of cans is also important.Do not neglect sterilization cans, to ensure long term storage cabbage.

How to pickle cabbage for winter in banks

There are many recipes , explaining, how to pickle cabbage in winter .Try this.

You will need:

  • 5 kg of cabbage of late varieties;
  • 1 kg of apples;
  • 3-4 carrot of medium size;
  • 250 grams of salt;
  • cranberries;
  • cranberries.

before salting cabbage is necessary to examine, test, not whether it wormy.Kochan wash, free from the damaged leaves.Chop cabbage.Carrots are cleaned, cut into slices.Apples cut any pieces.If they are small, you can leave them whole (so often do when salted cabbage in barrels), or cut into large slices.

prepared apples, carrots, cabbage combine with cranberries and cranberries, pour the mixture with salt and put in a tub disinfected or sterilized jar.Apples, cranberries, lingonberries - optional ingredients, add them at will.Also, if you wish, you can add spices (pepper, bay leaf, etc.).Then put the cabbage in the circle of wood or wooden plank on top to put pressure.Oppression can be lightweight weights, stones, or any heavy object.

During fermentation cabbage flatulence occurs, so the gases must be removed periodically.To do this, you need the cabbage pierce sharp wooden stick or fork.If gases are not removed, cabbage can become bitter.Also, foam is formed during fermentation, it must also be removed.Cabbage fermentation lasts for 3-4 days at room temperature.After cooking cabbage bends removed.Then cabbage tolerate in a cool place for storage.Now you know, how to pickle cabbage in winter with the addition of fruits and berries to taste.

way, cabbage can be cooked quickly - quick cabbage preparing 1 hour .Consider only that such a kale and stored for long.

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